Problem w/ Girls @ the Gym (trigger warning)

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by questtocure, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. It's attention seeking, that's all. A lot of us seek attention from others, and going braless might be a way to get the attention you seek, but on your terms. This is one reason why I find it more productive to go to the gym in the mornings . . . at that time, most people are focused on their fitness rather than on the people around them.
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    This probably gives you quite a bit of validation, so you could dig deeper and try to brainstorm what exactly that validation is giving you?

    For me I sometimes go for walks and make eye contact with women, some may look back and smile, and that's some validation for me. Granted, this is healthier than PMO by a long shot... But if we rely solely on short-term interest like this then we miss out on meaningful connections.

    In other words, if we choose to focus more on individuals through fun conversations or dating, we probably won't feel the same desire to get attention from strangers.

    You can really notice this when a high quality guy or girl walks past and is focused on their own stuff... They may have an aura and smile back if they pick up your attention, but it's not their intention to spark interest from all.

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    They are wearing that because they feel sexy in it, nothing wrong with watching it and appreciating their beauty, its just nature, every human likes a good butt. Don't feel guilty about enjoying the view, just be proud that you can appreciate them as more than just an ass. And be proud of continuing your streak even with so much temptation.

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