Problem with drinking [with poll]

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On AVERAGE, how many drinks you take per WEEK?

  1. I don't drink at all, I'm doing pretty good

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  2. 1-5

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  3. 5-10

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  4. 10-15

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  5. 15-20

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  6. 20 or more is my average, I'm doing pretty bad

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  1. Nick Johnny Nicholson

    Nick Johnny Nicholson Fapstronaut

    Im not talking about water but maybe I even drink too much water.

    In essence I really love drinking. It relaxes me, it frees me up. You know when you are sober and after social event you think to yourself I wish I said this I wish I did that? Drinking allows me to do all that... And regret some other dumb shit I did but anyway...

    How many of you are like real drinkers and find it really good and love it but intellectually know its a very bad thing, especially for reboot.

    When I say real drinkers I mean you drink heavy, not 10 beers per weekend. You drink 5-10 beers every other day but you can still go days sober without shaking and all the other stuff that make you true alcoholic. You are like a porn addict without PIED, in alcoholic terms.
  2. Mistersofty

    Mistersofty Fapstronaut

    I like to drink. I come from a long line of drinkers. I don’t like to get drunk though. Just enough to take away the edge and I don’t see anything wrong with it. Most people drink and seem to do fine in life. It’s not as terrible as people make it out to be, assuming you know how to keep it in check. If you can’t, then it’s best not to touch it at all.
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  3. Nick Johnny Nicholson

    Nick Johnny Nicholson Fapstronaut

    I dont know any true alcoholics but I love it. Yeah your situation does not sounds like a problem but I cant drink without getting drunk though, its pointless for me. I know people like that, I dont know any true alcoholics so many people around me drink for the fuck of it but I would definitely avoid alcohol completely if I was not into getting drunk.
  4. magic05

    magic05 Fapstronaut

    Alcohol addiction is a slow, gradual and very malicious development.

    I started at a young age (14-15 years, exact same age like my PMO addiction started) and I think I'm an alcoholic now.

    Alcohol is relaxing, it takes the edge off, it calms you down. Yes. But you pay a hefty price for it.

    Do that for 10 years and you will end up getting used to it, dependent on it and eventually addicted to it.

    There comes a day where you are so used to it that 1-2 beers in the evening don't do it anymore. You drink 1 beer and you end up at 5-7. You tell yourself „That just happened on the weekend“. Then it suddenly happens every weekend. Suddenly even a few days during the week. Suddenly every day. And not even mentioning the times when you drink alcohol on social occasions/parties or when you are frustrated because of girls/sex/porn.

    Now I'm at a point when I drink 1 single beer, I automatically drink 5+ beers. I can't control it anymore. The craving is just too strong. I love the feeling of intoxication and numbness (every alcoholic loves it, otherwise they wouldn't be drinking. Actually without exception everybody who drinks alcohol inherently craves for getting a glimpse of this chemical feeling, otherwise their receptors wouldn't respond for alcoholic drinks in the first place.) But the unavoidable bill comes the next morning. It heavily fuels my PMO addiction. I wanna quit so bad, since years.

    Watch out with alcohol. It will ruin you and own you at some point, especially if you are a PMO addict.
  5. Nick Johnny Nicholson

    Nick Johnny Nicholson Fapstronaut

    Yeah no 1 beer ever, I dont drink If Im sure its gonna be only 1. I never did that.
  6. AlphaGod

    AlphaGod Fapstronaut

    I drunk only two times in my life, in two weddings, and I'll never do that again.
    Never smoked either, why harm your body for short pleasure? Why at all? I look at people and I can't understand why they do it to themselves. Addiction is addiction and it has to be dealt with, but those who justify the use - pathetic.
    And even in social situations, I'm an 18yr old and there was a school end party. You just gotta act smart and look for ways to avoid it, me for example people didn't pay attention but even if yes, f*CK that. That's the mindset.
    And for those who are addicted, they should know how it affected them and as long as they stopped they should never drink, not a sip. A sip is a chance of being alcoholic, and being addicted once again. Which ruins people lives because they are depending on this and they'll look for it when they are stressed.
  7. I don't like headaches and loss of judgement

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