Problematic sex life after a month into Relationship

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    Hello there,
    I’ll be super frank in everything I say despite not being proud about it.

    Im 25, in a relationship, currently having problematic sex life after a month of living together. I was fapping since I was 19 and watching porn since I was 15.

    Soo my sex life has been good since I was 22 and had a 1.5 year long-distance relationship seeing each other every four months for two weeks at a time which I had no sexual issues there. Continously watching porn and phone sex and fapping throughout. I was (unproudly) cheating on her with prostitues as I was thinking it didnt mean anything. I never had any sexual proplems but I was mostly under the influence while sex. We broke up a year ago.

    This relationship is the most emotionally fulfilling ever. We’ve been together six months ago not having sex for the first five months. She’s younger and sexually inexperienced. But I really love her. Ive been going sober and havent cheated on her. But I was fapping throughout the relationship till a month ago (when we started living together and having occasional sex). I did watch some porn without fapping though. Last week I had problems keeping erection in some sexual encounters since, yknow, porn and sex UI is constantly stimulating, which has resulted in aborting some .. really embarrassing. I checked if its physical or mental by watching porn which have kept me erect through the whole video.

    My situation is really complicated. I just want some advice for me to be able to fix my porn-oriented mind and have passionate healthy sober sex with the woman I love like a normal person. Take pills for now? My confidence is deteriorating and its becoming urgent to fix this.

    Thank you,

    Update: I just watched porn and released it after a month of abstailing ‍♂️. It was premature ejaculation.
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    Man stop experimenting with porn- you don't need it and you still find excuses and reasons why you need to check out some video. You shouldn't take any pills, but abstain from porn and focus on developing your sexual and emotional life with her.
  3. Stay away from porn and doing things with yourself. Your body should be fine in it's own without any pills.
    Focus on healing and on her as well. Hope she knows everything and is supportive. She will be your greatest support if she does.
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    Quit porn and masturbation! Maybe go hard mode for a while, if she's okay with it. She needs to know your ED issues aren't because you aren't happy with her, but are porn-induced. She doesn't need details of your viewing habits, though!!! Masturbation is also problematic because of "death grip", the difference in type and intensity of stimulation compared to a woman can cause loss of erection during the real thing.
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    I come from a similar situation.
    After a year or so of ED problems that lead to mi wife thinking I had no interest in her and even that I could have been cheating it broke us apart. I was also MOing before having relations with her a a way to help me deal with PE, but in the end it would only make the ED worst.
    I have decided to take a break from MO and after a year of ED I'm finally getting erections after day 10 or so (I decided to stop MO about a month ago, relapsed on day 6, then day 4 without full erections, now I'm on day 15).
    I suggest to avoid porn, and go without MO until you see some changes. It should help your relationship and the confidence will come back gradually (I was loosing hope after my second relapse since I was very hot and yet no full erection, and then one day it started to come back.
    Good luck, I hope it works for you

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