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  1. I've autogynephilia and it has taken over my life, Ive no social life, no career. I want stability in life. Instead of going into details I'd like to post my commitment here.
    I will begin with NoFap no excuses whatsoever from tonight I see no other possible treatment. I read somewhere "maturity begins as addiction ends".
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    It's good to take action.

    FYI we need the 3 pillars: The 3 Essential Keys to Recovery | NoFap®
    #1 - Transformation
    #2 - Underlying Causes
    #3 - Accountability

    Posting everyday helps with #3. But we also need #1 and #2 for a long streak to see the brain healing.
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    Thanks, I needed to hear this.
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  4. Day 1 almost over. Felt urge but urethral inflammation pain is keeping me away from myself.
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    Congratulations - any day without giving in is a win. Better days are ahead brother
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