Problems to reach a normal ejaculation with my wife.

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    Hello. I am 33 years old and I have gone through a period of porn addiction that has lasted for nearly 10 years. I was unable to get a girlfriend and that caused such a great frustration in my life. I had never had a sex life with a woman until now. I used to masturbate a lot when I was 25 years old and I had access to internet all the time. I was also hospitalised because of depression and anxiety in 2015 and I was prescribed antidepressants and benzodiazepines ever since. Nevertheless, I decided to quit antidepressants a year ago and I haven't taken none ever since. The problem is that I carry on taking small dosages of benzodiazepines in order to sleep for I can't sleep normally since I was a 15 year-old lad. I spent almost a month without reaching ejaculation in a voluntary manner since I just wanted to "enjoy" my arousal and touch myself watching porn before calling my current wife. That was the way of getting aroused since she is a foreigner and she is now living with me in my country. I decided to test something after trying so hard to reach an ejaculation after 23 days of marriage...I watched porn again and I was able to! that was just awful and I don't want to watch porn anymore. I had spent nearly 25 days without watching pornography. I also had a frenulum surgery back in 2014 because my urologist said my frenulum was too short and that it would break in any moment. However, that didn't prevent me from ejaculating while watching porn when I was single. I have followed a relatively healthy lifestyle in the last 4 years; working out thrice a week and walking a lot. I am an English teacher and my job is bloody there something I can do to relieve this anguish and ejaculate normally while having intercourse with my wife??? I need your help desperately.

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