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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Kimpossible9, Jan 3, 2019.

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    hey guys,
    actually I'm not gonna nag about how other people treat me, because I really don't even have the time for that. I just want someone to talk with.
    so my story goes like this:
    about a year ago I moved to another city in order to study at university. I used to live in a provincial town and everything was messed up there. I had absolutely no interest being friends with my classmates at highschool cause they weren't the same type I was. I was the geek of the class and they were just losers.
    So I just preferred to be alone most of the time.
    apart from that, my family used to argue with me over ridiculous things. For example if the TV was a little loud. Or when I needed money to buy something like a pen!
    I was like totally alienated from my relatives (family, cousins, etc...), and my reaction was I don't give a ****. But I also needed a companion!

    Now, all that of that belongs to the past. I'm at university where there are people I can relate to. I'm so thankful about that. But the memories of my past still won't leave me alone.. everyone used to annoy me so much and I feel like I'm betrayed or something like that.

    so the reason I said these stuff was that I just need someone to understand me. so I'd be happy if someone replied.. maybe we could start a chat.
  2. Limitbreaker

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    Why do you not care if people are hurting your boundaries? Boundaries are important. Same for the family. Your past wont leave you cause your heart wants you to see your wound so that you become better in future. You sound like you have lots of anger stored inside you
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  3. i have a lot of the issues with my past, i have a hard time letting things go, i can say to myself all day the past is the past but sometimes i just cant stop getting mad over it, i was bullied and picked on a lot, and i let a lot of people walk on me, but i am slowly learning to let go. We have to realize that the past is something we cant change, and we have to learn to forgive. Honestly time is the best way to get over things like the past, as the days go on and you strive to better yourself with each day, eventually it wont effect you anymore, because when you are in a good place, its easier to let go.
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  4. Kimpossible9

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    Um? No.
    I'd assure u that I'm not angry about it at all. But I'm not gonna enter a debate on that.
    Sure, you can revenge on people who hurt you but that doesn't fix anything.
  5. Kimpossible9

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    You know what getting picked on feels like.
    Especially when there's no one you could turn to for help.
    That means you gotta become a stronger human being. Never let someone dictate you. Toughen it out.
    That's what I'm talkin about!
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  6. yah i agree we do have to toughen up as a humans, the trick is always being kind, but standing up for yourself, that way you are not lowering yourself to their level, but also not taking crap from them.
  7. shen

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    Being kind and standing up for yourself. Wow, I like that. I think that is awesome.
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  8. Limitbreaker

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    I believe you and im not talking about revenge. Sometimes our hearts just want to be seen and their wounds created by other people and ourselves
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    If you want someone to talk to, feel free to send me a msg. :D
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