Procrastinating my university degree quite a lot, and I've tried a bunch of stuff to break out of it

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Quantum Dynamite 1999, Jul 28, 2020.

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    Yo everyone, I know I haven't posted much on here, given that I actually forgot about this forum the moment I joined over a year ago.

    But just a little bit of context, I'm a university student doing an undergrad physics degree and I'll be turning 21 years old in much less than a week.

    I ended up having to repeat my second year of uni once. During the time I did second year for the first time, I never really did fit in anywhere much. Although I did try go to clubs, parties, a bunch of different societies offered at my uni but I constantly had to ask myself if I tried enough or if this was where I'd feel like myself, and I suffered long streaks of depression and didn't even focus on my uni-work at all. Instead, I made friends on the internet or on this social & gaming app called Discord, where I had a bunch of people added to my snapchat and I constantly kept flexing a bunch of random stuff on my snap and instagram, like using my pocket money to constantly go to Starbucks and camp out there during lectures...etc. I was a scrawny 19 year old kid and really fucked up lol. Even though during that time, I did hit the gym for 3 months after watching a bunch of bodybuilders on YouTube and trying to follow their routine a bit, but it never worked out much, given my poor diet and I was really wack in terms of discipline.

    Anyway after failing my exams probably on purpose, I ended up having to repeat the year and felt a little better with the year group I was in, since I got off to a better start and tried actually not caring about what other people thought of me much. It felt pretty good, though there were weeks I suffered bouts of loneliness where nobody would talk to me much and it felt like everyone was being superficial to me. I instead spent that time trying to socialize on the internet again (Talk about repeating past mistakes) but I felt a little depressed the more I did, yet at the same time it gave me the temporary satisfaction I needed to compensate for the withdrawal symptoms I felt at the time.

    I failed most of my exams that semester again, and then I decided to quit the internet and really worked my ass off the second semester, and got straight A's in my assignments constantly. Then lockdown decided to play with me, and I went on a whole procrastination streak for four months since. I failed half my exams that semester, despite doing well in the assignments and now I have to suffer repeating 5 exams next month.

    I kept finding myself jumping back to Discord though, and a few days ago, I uninstalled the app because I always felt a little depressed and anxious there, because I know deep down that it wasn't the life I'm supposed to be living, if I'm doing nothing beneficial for myself.

    I did kept installing/uninstalling a few times the past few days, but now I'm trying to become more and more tolerant with myself. Because it's practically also social media, I'm currently trying to go on a detox so I could feel a little better mentally.

    Although it doesn't fully solve the loneliness and withdrawal symptoms I've been feeling constantly all day. I tried working out, taped myself doing a few crunches and push-ups in case I want to do a self-improvement tiktok gig a few months down the line and track my progress since that's my motivation for this detox, at the moment. To come back a renewed man with a more fresh perspective. I've also came back to this forum so I could work on my NoFap as well, since that's one of my problems I never really thought about but really want to cleanse myself of, if I'll be honest. Anything to save up my testosterone levels and a a healthier state of mind.

    But honestly my focus right now is trying to get my shit together and work on uni, although I'm constantly finding it really hard to just start. I've just been listening to spotify all day and going outside walking in the park for like an hour, but I still can't bring myself to start my work. I'm scared shitless haha, because if I fail, I'll be kicked out of uni and it'll be a whole different playing field for me.

    I don't want to go any further but I wonder if anyone here has any tips or pointers, or if anyone has been in my shoes before, faced a far similar situation.

    I'd honestly appreciate anything, even if I probably heard it before. I was actually going to post a similar post on an advice subreddit, but you know redditors, I don't know if they'll be serious at all about it.

    Quantum Dynamite
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    I can totally relate to that back when I was doing my undergrad. I failed like 6 classes, I probably had the most failed classes out of my classmates.

    I think it would help if you put your devices in another room while you're studying, or printing your notes out to avoid using your devices. It would help a lot. With regards to having friends, I can't really give much advice, but honestly if you can do volunteer work where you are, it would open up plenty of connections.
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    i need help on this too

    Procrastinating is destroying my life
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    I mean, for the time being I have to rely primarily on my student portal on my college website, given that all the exams will be online. I think I'll just install a website blocker/blacklist some websites I would often find myself relapsing on, like twitter, reddit or even discord.

    I don't really think printing will help, given I have a lot to scourge through which I can just read my notes in one sitting during that time and especially how time consuming that is to print all of them.
    Thanks for your input though, I had ADD so I also have a similar track record with failing exams as well in the past, haha. Either I never took it too seriously or underestimated how difficult it would be to attain a grade.
    Thanks though.
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    My Journal
    Let me present you someone.
    2 years. 2 complete years of university, and I passed the equilavent of 75% of a single year.
    This summer. Only this July. The same.
    What changed? Mindset. Habit. Hierarchy.
    How bad do you want that degree?.
    How bad do you want to be the best?.
    Study tips are a lot. And the same.
    I don't need to tell you.
    I need to warn you. G.I. Joe was wrong.
    Knowing is not half the battle.
    Knowing how many hours you need to study, it's not studying.
    Knowing how to underline, it's not studying.
    Studying, is studying.
    We are different, all of us.
    I can't tell you how many hours you have to study. It matters how "fast" you are.
    I can't tell you when. I am productive in the morning. Many people are productive in the evening.
    I can tell you only this.
    If you really want something. You go get it.
    I wanted the degree,and I got it.
    The question is:If, for example, you learn that you're most productive at 6 AM.
    Are you willing to wake up every day early only to study?(Obv it applies if you're productive at midnight at the same way ;))
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    Jeez dude, you just blew my mind. Honestly yeah, I badly want it. Like seriously. I think it'll look good in my collection of life achievements, my resume. Maybe something to flex to a friend or maybe even some girl I'd want to woo with.

    But I know I'll most likely pass, I'm just scared of the amount of work I'd put in, and if things would easily point south if I'm not careful enough. It's like playing a level of Doom and it's full of spikes everywhere. I know life is full of uncertainties, I'm just scared to hit a trigger like that and drop, despite everything I've worked for is to do well in college. It's like I don't want to live myself if I fail, it's that I'd be ashamed of the potential I've wasted because I let myself do pointless things like mindless internet surfing and not learning anything for long periods of time. I need to learn shit.

    But yeah, I've crammed before and it's always worked both ways. I just need a personal tutor to help me out. Thanks my guy. Appreciate the response.
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  8. maybethereisfutureforme

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    I think going to the gym, and even going to the library every day might help you?
    That is if you can concentrate in such an environment.
    But basically these two habits is what you want, isn't it. Working out and studying.
    I struggle with studying but you said you got good grades and comprehension is not the problem for you?!
    Then I think you got hope and just need these two habits to turn the page for you. Good luck!
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    Yeah, I've gotten some good grades before, because I was extremely lucky last semester since COVID-19 eased off things a bit, with take-home-exams so I can just look up the answers during my exams and I got an A-grade in two modules. The other two, I failed simply because I didn't sit for them. (I was really anxious of failing that I ended up not taking them, pretty ironic I must say haha)

    But I've always just scraped by with passing grades, otherwise. I just need better habits. I don't get up early or work it 24/7. I take too many breaks, that's my problem. So I know exactly what I need to do because of it.

    Since COVID cases are rising here in Ireland, I doubt gyms would be a comfortable place to work out in for the time being. I'll just work out at home although I'm open to any routine for beginners y'all have lmao. I've gotten a lot of skinny fat.
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    Its not the grades but I think focusing on learning the material and what you want to do career wise is the most important thing. No job is going to care about the grades you had, as long as you can pass and hold a degree showing that. Get off discord if its distracting, use your internet time more productively. Honestly I used to smoke weed all the time in college, and even though I maintained a decent average I didn't get anywhere near the job I wanted after. If your just worrying about passing the class you will never get to where you want to be. Trust me man you got to really think about your future here.

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