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    Came across this interesting trailer for a book. Succinctly explains present bias and how this keeps us from becoming the people we want to be.

    Basically, present bias is the preference to indulge in what we want right now instead of doing what we want for our future. These wants will never go away, and most of us believe that simply desiring a better future should be enough to combat them.

    Unfortunately, desire for change isn't enough. Willpower isn't constant and often fatigues right when we need it the most. If we don't plan for those times when our present wants will overwhelm our willpower, then the obvious result is that we will give in and remain as we are in spite of our desire to change.

    This doesn't just apply to procrastination, but to anything we want for our future that conflicts with what we want in the present, including pornography. So that leaves us with two questions we must answer, when do we falter and what will we do when that happens?

    I have yet to read the book, so I can't say if it has any further helpful ideas in it. If anyone has found any useful tactics in the war against present bias, please feel free to share.

    - Ozatm

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