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    So, let's talk about procrastination for a moment. I am a master procrastinator. That's something I know I need to work on. Who else deals with this? Anybody have any insights about whether this is a side-effect of PMO, or maybe procrastinators fall into PMO because it's an easy, available, and effective way of wasting a whole bunch of time?

    I'm curious to know what other's experience is, because I'm pretty sure that in one way or another, my procrastination has some definite relationship to my long term PMO addiction.
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    I'll finish this reply lat
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    All our actions have implications to the rest of our lives be it biological, psychological or social.PMO blasts our brains with high levels of neurotransmitters so for sure it will unbalance other areas of life. Psychologically attaching a specific thought to a feeling like' I cant be bothered to do that now' is often a way to avoid an uncomfortable feeling or the thought of discomfort that we might get by engaging in a specific task.
    The trick is to ask yourself is the discomfort of doing the task worth the outcome. Often we do not ask this question we just jump straight to the 'avoiding any discomfort' stage. if we do ask the question, in most cases the answer is yes, the discomfort will be worth the pay off.
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    Too long; won't elaborate:
    I am a master procrastinator and it's really bad. When my NoFap streak passed 1 month once, I noticed it was much easier to focus and not procrastinate.

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