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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by thetrueman, May 3, 2018.

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    Hello everyone

    I wanted to ask all you guys a question on how I can boost my productivity. I consider this problem to be separate from sexual urges. A lot of days when I survive by not masturbating and being able to control myself, I am still upset because I didnt get enough studying or any other productive activity done. I feel like the entire day was just spent controlling my urges but not actually working on anything. I was supposed to be studying for courses that I will take in the coming spring but when I stay too long on Nofap and abstain from PMO, a lot of time goes by where I am not studying and doing positive stuff. Please, I really need your guys help, your help can mean a lot. Please give me tips on how to boost my productivity. I tried a lot of things, meditation, breathing etc. The most I can do is CALM DOWN (in a general sense ie. not stressing) but I cant even generally calm down these days knowing that I will be taking difficult courses and I haven't prepared myself for it. It just doesnt help me I dont know why. Your assistance would mean a lot
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    Hey man , first of all keep practice meditation it's not that easy at the begining but it will defenitly help you to make the urges gone.
    If you want to be more productive you need order and discpline but its that simple not easy but simple it take time and energy to turn displine and oreder to habits .
    If you are intrested about productivity and for a new healty habit that will help you live a better life PM me and i will send you some material and videos about this topic that really can help you! Goodluck
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    Write a to do list the night before start with things that need to be done and then optional things just incase you get disheartened early on if you don't complete everything on the list
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    Wake up consistently at an early time. Set 10 alarms, all with different songs to get you up and out of bed.
    Buy yourself a few packs of sticky notes. Every single time you have a job that needs doing, no matter what it is, write it on a sticky note and only take it down when it is done. Leave the notes you write somewhere you will always see in the morning so when you wake up early, you know what you need to do and it gives you a reason to get out of bed and be productive.

    Structure everything in your life on those sticky notes and wake up early and if you're still not productive then your problem isn't that you need some method to help you but that you don't want to be productive and never will be no matter what you do until you commit yourself and just be productive. It's as easy as that. It really is that simple. There is no trick. It's all just a way to make being productive seem desirable and fun but in reality you won't keep to it and you'll continue on your previous path until you face the truths I say bellow.

    The huge thing to remember is that this is huge. NoFap is huge and it is going to be very, very, very mentally and physically tiring so being productive every day is going to be hard. Give yourself a break, don't be so hard on yourself. If your brain needs to do nothing for a few days, then take those days as recovery time and enjoy them. Don't feel bad about it. If you take breaks, the time WILL naturally become more productive, don't force productivity if you can't handle it. Never rest from PMO, only rest from everything else.

    The war is long and tiring but you don't get a break in this fight, however the longer you manage to fight it, the easier the fight becomes... but you'll always be fighting for the rest of your life... just take a rest from the other stuff.

    I am actually at University right now and fighting PMO, I know how tough it is to know your life depends on studying but you're so tired from fighting PMO that revision and other tasks seem impossible... BUT know that grades aren't everything, ask anyone and they will agree. Even if everyday you do a tiny tiny piece, after a while, the stack you've done will be huge and you'll feel great about yourself, just set it up into bite sized chunks, write each task on sticky notes and tick them off one by one... eventually you'll turn around and realise how productive you were actually being and how good you did at beating PMO because of it.
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  5. Do you guys feel you can’t work for too long so you have to break it up?
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    So by this do you mean that being productive isnt really an easy or fun thing to do? Regardless of how many sticky notes or to do lists I have? If thats what you mean then I understand because a lot of time I feel when i make a to do list, it will all look easy to me at first but I soon feel very lazy and I have to struggle to get my ass of to accomplish these tasks.

    Thanks for the tip!
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  8. thetrueman

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    A lot of times I do feel stressed when I am just focusing on doing the tasks and nothing else in the middle. From my common sense, we as human beings cant work 247, we arent robots, we obviously need a break too. But if you take a break for too long and you end up wasting considerable time, then we got a problem of course.
  9. I write, so I try to write a page, but mostly do half, and it still burns and frustrates me
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    yup, that's what I mean, just do a few things a day and you'll eventually get it all done... it won't be fun but you'll be happy when you realise how much you did.

    Breaking jobs up into tiny pieces means you can do anything as long as you have the persistence to do that little bit every day.
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    My experience with productivity and addictions is that to be fully productive, you need to be clear, centered, healthy, energetic. If you are not you will not be really productive, or it will require much more effort to do so. In fact you need to cut off all addictions, bad behaviours, etc... for a while to reach that state where productivity is natural. Because if you just emerged from addictions or negative behaviours, you need a "buffer" time to recenter yourself first.

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