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    Hi guys, hope your Nofap journey is going well.

    I’m currently 19 years old, from the uk and about to go to university to do engineering mathematics.

    This one is going to be a bit of a long one, so strap in your seatbelts and grab your popcorn.

    A lot of people my age have a very hard time being productive and figuring out how to be a more efficient worker, I’ve used loads of tips from an array of different people to manage my time correctly. This will work for anyone though.

    Now before I start with the advice I just want to let you know of some Red pill truths about productivity which are gonna be hard to swallow.

    1. No one cares if you work or not because people are too selfish to care about how hard you work. (Except your boss if he’s deciding to fire you)
    2. No superhero is going to come out and tell you what to do and how to do it, you have to figure it out yourself.
    3. Every second you spend siting around doing nothing, watching netflix, youtube, porn and video games. Someone in the world is working their ass off and going to take your job/position/promotion and earn more then you.
    4. Time - Everyone only has 24 hours in a day, it’s the only currency which cannot be bought or traded, and everyday your time-value decreases. Why are you wasting the most precious currency in the universe?!

    So after those lovely notes now onto the advice.

    1. Something I always do when I’m doing anything, I always ask myself “Is this adding anything into my life” this allows you to go off autopilot and actually think whether what you’re doing is productive.

    2. If you do watch/play tv show or video-game, you should record how much time you’re spending on it, I always use the screen time function on the iphone (In settings) and it always surprises me how much time I spend on my phone.

    3. If you decide for example “I’m not going to play video games at all today” then you have to replace it something else, this is critical. For example, gym, reading, running, learning a new language, getting another job. If you don’t you’ll just get bored and you’ll just return to your addiction.

    4. Uninstall all social media - instagram, facebook, twitter and all games on your phone. “What if I’m at the bus stop and have nothing to do?”. Glad you asked, there are many productive apps, like audible, luminosity (brain training app) and the news app, which might not should like buckets of fun, but if you’re serious about this, this is a critical step.

    5. Don’t message people who are not your very close friends or work colleagues - A few years ago when I got an IPhone for the first time, I used to message many people and spent hours and hours talking to people I was probably not going to see for a while or particularly cared about, which was pointless. Then I decided just to not message anyone anymore, and funnily enough no-one messaged me, so I only messaged people when I needed to. Also gives you more to talk about when you actually meet them in person.

    6. Sit down for 10 mins one day a week (I always do sunday), schedule it in and write down everything you want to do in your life at some point, like a bucket list but more realistic and as SPECIFIC as you can. For example, “Earn 6-figures by end of this year, next year... etc.”
    “Learn how to fly a plane”
    “Learn a new language”
    “Read a book a week, every 2 weeks, month... etc.”
    Write down anything you want, this works by keeping you accountable to your goals and you now actually know what you want in life.

    Thats it!

    If anyone want to message me to give them more tips then feel free.

    Hope this helps!

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