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    Feeling a little out-on-a-limb with this. I just found this site today and am super impressed and have already found so much amazing resources and supportive people.

    I did also read some threads- particularly in the relationship section with people with very intense and complicated relationship issues. I wonder if you've ever had a place people can 'consult' with a professional therapist-counselor etc? I've seen a forum with doctors of different types who volunteered to respond to questions. I feel like some of the issues being raised -like childhood sexual abuse- might want some extra sensitivity.
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  2. I don't know about any specific therapist/counselors forums here, but I think finding a counsellor to help work through personal struggles with relationships, etc. is an excellent idea!
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    Absolutely! I've always been involved in mental health and making sure that my mind is together. We go to GP's for physical therapy, why is mental therapy not also as explored? So I'm always supportive of people speaking their minds to someone who is trained to listen and ask the right questions. :)


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