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    Hi guys, so this post is part success story and part disappointment at lack of progress with sexual dysfunction.
    I am currently on day 78 hard mode. Today I slipped up and viewed fetish porn for an hour, but didn't relapse and I'm not resetting my days - just a silly mistake and I'm back on the wagon again. You live and learn, and I regret even searching it.
    I have seen success in some areas - I am noticeably more confident, don't really give a fuck as much, and have seen good muscle gains in the gym. My (flaccid) penis is probably 2x the size as when I was pmoing and my balls are like big plums. So this is all encouraging stuff.

    However I have had no improvement on my PIED. I had a week of 75% morning woods around day 50 ish but now it's utterly dead again. When I slipped up today, I was browsing full on porn but did not even get a semi. I haven't really had any urges, except for small ones (still managed to make me slip today though).

    Im committed to no pmo. But seeing no progress is so disheartening and depressing. Its been a long long time since my sexual function felt normal, I just want morning Woods and some libido back. Has anyone felt like this, or could provide ideas on how to progress?
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    Youre not on day 78 hardmode pal. How are you calling it day 78 "HARD MODE" if you have peeked into porn. Youre on day 0.
    If you wanna lose fetish and want to get back your sexual life normal then stop watching porn. Thats the first step.
    Wherever you go its the thumb rule that you have to quit porn. Secondly, stop masturbation and orgasm. Stop fantasizing too. Thirdly, watch your diet. Eat healthy. Stop junk foods. Give up cigarettes, consume less and less alcohol.
    Thirdly, exercise.
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