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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by pranav02, Dec 8, 2018.

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    Aight so I'm gonna be attending prom in about 4 hours and I know I'm pretty late but I'm quite nervous and excited. What tips do y'all have for me? On being myself, appearance etc? I do have a date but I can't dance for nuts. I'm also quite scared of occasions with a lot of people so how do I not be intimidated? I wanna be confident like I am at times and have a good time.
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    You approached this in a flawed way.

    You basically spend 95% of your life living how you usually live. Then here comes the big important moment (the 5%) and you're worrying and trying to force yourself to do things you don't usually do. So what's going to happen is you're going to be stuck in your head and you won't be able to have fun (if you're trying to force yourself to behave in a way that you don't usually behave).

    If you want to get better with dancing / appearance / being yourself / social anxiety / etc, then you need to be working on that in your daily life outside of these important moments. That's how you stop over analyzing. That's how you stop being overly cautious and excessively concerned with doing the right thing.

    It has to become a way of life. It has to become your 95% so that you can enjoy these 5% opportunities that come up.
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    Easy. Do a nice hard workout before the dance and try your best to not take the experience too seriously!
    The working out part is your secret weapon as it will dull the sensitivity of your nerves so you don't trigger your anxiety response as easily. Don't work out too hard though..

    Last tip: Don't take yourself too seriously or worry about "how you look" at any given time. Trust me as long as you've not completely lost self awareness, losing most of it and having a great time is a huge turn on for girls.

    Best of luck man!!
  4. pranav02

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    Thanks guys, yeah it went amazing, a bit weird at first but I let myself loose, I even jammed on stage and couldn't give two shits about what anyone thought. I talked to a bunch load of new people, and yeah, had a great time.
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