Prone masturbator with ED needs your help

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by Fizikal, Feb 14, 2021.

  1. Fizikal

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    An important question (I'll try to keep it short but it's crucial for me... First off im 21 straight male...
    About prone masturbation... I've been doing it for around 3 years and nowadays even during prone fapping and ejaculation I very rarely get erections (most of which is too week ,,, so 90% of the time I ejaculate limp ... I sometimes even do it even several times in a row ...just forcing an orgasm ... Which I know is not healthy at all... And you guessed it , nothing during oral sex , numb feeling , no erection at all... I hadn't masturbated till 18 and before that my erections were rock hard ... So I experience severe erectile dysfunction ( though sometimes I do wake up to a not-so-strong erection) ... I saw this webpage called healthystrokes, suggesting a routine in order to practice the conventional way of fapping . . . I'm planning to do the routine and get my penis sensitive to what it should be! (unlike hard surfaces, pillows, mattresses etc.,) and then do the 90 day hard mode of nofap ... Will doing the excersises (of healthystrokes) help me ALTHOUGH EJACULATION HAPPENS TO A LIMP PENIS? (I did try conventional but as I said , ejaculated with a very weak penis)
    Thanks a lot in advance
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    Hi bro. I have your same problem, with the important exception that I have been doing prone masturbation for about 15 years, and I stopped It only the last year. I think that you're not in a bad situation, you have practised prone masturbation for only 3 years! I think that your plan of recovery will be enough for you, you'll recover without problems (in fact you sometimes wake up with a strong erection, which proves that you don't have a severe ED, while I never wake up with any tipe of erection but only with flaccid penis, and I have been doing Nofap for 68 days). All my best wishes.
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    Thanks A lot man it is really heartwarming to hear that... I wish you the best on your journey... I did nofap for 10 days then tried the "normal" way of masturbation almost once every day (used oil to get my brain used to a smooth surface on my hand plus a light grip, not so hard) and after a couple of days i can actually get erections while masturbating ... Which is a HUGE step for me... I'm going to abstain from masturbation another 3-4 days and try again (as healthystrokes suggests) and see how much better it gets ... After recovering and being able to get normal erections i plan to go nofap at least for a while (only allowed to have real life sex) . due to the pandemic I'm away from my new gf... I dont wanna mess it up again with a limp Penis, that's for sure !!
    Couldn't decide whether i should go nofap completely or do the healthystrokes exercises... Which i went for the latter.
    Keep us up to date if you wish , the majority of nofappers aren't discussing our issues.
    Hope you make it as well bro!
    Stay safe
  4. Field-on-Fire

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    Quit it while you can, I have been doing prone masturbation off and on for two years and my penis, testicles and scrotum are mostly numb, I don't mean sexual numbness, but the inability to feel touch or temperature.

    I quit porn and masturbating for almost two years and nothing has improved for me.
  5. Anonymous86

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    Can people heal from prone masturbation to porn issues?

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