Prone to 'normal' way of masturbation? - Need advice

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by rapt0r, Jan 27, 2019.

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    Hey guys, so I read the horrid effects of masturbating prone last December and decided to get rid of it for good, am more than a month into recovery and have gone through healthystrokes, this forum and several other reddit forums to try and sort the issue 'in hand'.

    Currently and even when I was masturbating prone I used to get a hard-on always, never masturbated the conventional way.

    When I used to masturbate prone and didn't knew about the issue, I had 2 attempts at having sexual intercourse with my gf but couldn't penetrate (decent enough hard on) as it being my first time and was nervous, second time lost erection thinking of the first time. I feel prone was the major cause of it.

    Now my difficulty is try to masturbate the regular way, I tried looking at porn in the past 1-2 days (30-40 mins of my fav porn), had a really good hard-on but just couldn't ejaculate or feel sensitivity (need softer hands perhaps) when trying to masturbate and lost erection thinking of the prone issue. Is there any guide to help masturbate the regular way? People advised using flesh-light and am thinking of buying a vanilla fleshlight which could get me accustomed to real life scenarios.

    Any help is welcome!
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    Stop looking at P. Maybe don't M until you're dying to O and then go have sex with her
  3. I agree with @ClaritySeeker . You're currently 30 days into hard reboot, which means you're not masturbating anyway (unless you've forgotten to reset your counter).

    I would stay on hard reboot, unless you're with your girlfriend, in which case go no-PM. Just don't masturbate.

    Whether you are using your hand, a vibrator, a Fleshlight, a pillow, or any other method, it's all masturbation. A Fleshlight won't get you "accustomed to real life scenarios." It will get you accustomed to masturbating with a Fleshlight — and it will mean resetting your counter, because of the effects that it has on your brain.
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    How I cured it after like 18 years of prone was not masturbate for 2 weeks and then I just used my finger tips to stroke it up and down to get the feeling. Good luck

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