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  1. Hey guys!
    Currently on day 64, things have been alright a few urges last few days but alright, been getting a lot of random looks from everyone where ever I go. Like today I was at the store and ended up trying to use a broom to get my egg whites lol ,I eventually just walked in the cooler walked back and grabbed them.
    Lately been having this don't care additude in a good way.
    This post is not about stopping internet because of NoFap but for procrastination and in general.
    There is a lot of good stuff on the internet , great resources and motivational stuff but were becoming more like robots always depending on it.

    Basically my biggest thing is depression and general productivity and I don't know how to relax.
    So I have done cold showers, fasting,sleeping on the floor a lot of these challenges, but no internet for 40 days is on another level!!
    This week I just want to get some imput from others and want to start.
    Feb 8th,2016 to
    March 17,2016.

    NO Computer internet
    NO Phone internet
    Music off your phone is okay as long as its not using youtube so I will have to put music on my phone or pick up a cheap mp3 player to replace my old one.
    Radio internet is okay as long as it's not a physical site., so if you click on the app then the stations its okay.
    Tracking Apps are okay as long as its only on your phone I use one called goal tracker, for NoFap very basic no need to sign up login in ect.
    No social media
    I got rid of facebook and that a long time ago anyway.
    Skype I have not decided yet I only really talk to my penpal for language study anyway.
    No email
    No online banking
    No crazy Apps
    Weather updates are fine if they are shown on the top

    Pretty much purpose is to have less clutter in your life and in your head.
    Everyone is busy checking in, tweeting,instagraming, consuming, consuming, consuming.Article after article site after site. How to meditate, how to work out, how to ask a girl out, how to know if your ready to buy a house, is your family secure for the future, how to get the perfect hair cut, how to make the perfect holiday stuffing.
    This stuff is just sickening lately I believe we have enough basic knowledge in us, Im not saying knowledge is bad from the internet but we should dial in where are focus should be. Instead if running around with out heads cut off.
    I will be working, reading books , working out like normal so my normal activities won't change.
    Also will not carry my phone on me unless I am in need for work., if im going to get groceries leave it at home, if im going for a walk if it warms up more, leave it at home.
    I feel its more the internet is a problem because for me If i have some idea i always start doubting myself because someone on the internet said its not possible ect..
    On the internet its easy to compare yourself to others than just to do what you know is right in your heart...

    So if anyone has anything they would like to add just comment below im gonna be online this whole week yet then will post summary after 40 days.

    Anyone that wants to do this your more than welcome to, if you need to tweak the rules go ahead, as long as we challenge ourselves is the most important thing, were all at different points in our life.
    If your up for the challenge
    Post your favorite animal below.

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  3. A week from now I'm gonna do it!
    Whos in with me? I know there is some one just as crazy as me?
    Love you all guys and gals

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