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    I have been reading and writing poetry of late and thought the 18th century poem, "Silent, Silent Night" by William Blake, spoke to this community's recovery process.

    "Silent, Silent Night"
    by William Blake

    Silent Silent Night
    Quench the holy light
    Of thy torches bright

    For possess’d of Day
    Thousand spirits stray
    That sweet joys betray

    Why should joys be sweet
    Used with deceit
    Nor with sorrows meet

    But an honest joy
    Does itself destroy
    For a harlot coy
    Blake's poem reads like the difference between night and day. The first stanza depicts the night dining on the light, drinking or consuming the little light that there is. The second stanza shows people going about their days possessed by what they thought were joys but were actually betrayals.

    They were led astray by their indulgence or were carried away by vices they mistook for virtues and values. The third and fourth stanzas note the feeling of true, "honest joy" lacks "deceit" and "sorrow," and finds itself nonexistent under the misguidance and misdeed of false love and false affection.

    What do you think?
    What other writings, literature or other, did you find solace or motivation in?​
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