Prostatitis in the refusal of Masturbation. I need your help!

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    Hello! I am 25 years old. I started masturbating at the age of 14 (2-3 times a week). 4 months ago, I learned that masturbation has a bad effect on health. And I decided to fight this habit. And I excluded all provocative content, even deleted his account in instorgram(I had no problems with porn. I didn't watch it). I began to abstain from masturbation. I managed to keep for 10-15 days. At this time I began to feel much better! I had more energy, more motivation, more physical strength. But about a month ago I had pain in the perineum and in the testicles. I turned to the urologist. After the examinations, the doctor told me that I have non-bacterial prostatitis. In addition to drug treatment, the doctor advised to have an active sex life. And if there is no girl, then I must often masturbate! After that, I turned to another doctor.(I'm from Russia. There is a bad level of medicine.) The second doctor said that prostatitis appeared would appear as a result of masturbation. And I need to stop masturbating. I do not know what to do...
    When I refuse to masturbation, then after 7-10 days I get pain in the prostate area. If I masturbate something, then the pain passes. But after masturbation, I feel bad myself. Leaving the force, the motivation is gone. It's a vicious circle. I don't want to masturbate. I do this only for the pain to pass. And I want to stop doing it at all.

    If you had a similar problem, please write how you solved it!

    Should I completely abandon masturbation and endure the pain? Perhaps the body will rebuild after some time and the pain will pass?

    Finding a girlfriend is not for me. I have problems with girlfriends.
    Every day I started to run and jump rope. But so far this has not yielded results.
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    I had similar problem few weeks ago when I started No PMO and after 12 days I relapsed and had pain in the perineum and in the testicles for 5 to 6 days and in these days I was Masturbating. Then I started exercises for the pelvic muscles like Squats Bridges(search on YouTube) and again started no Pmo then pain went away. After few days i relapsed but there was no pain. Now again I am on my 6th day on No PMO streak.
    I think you should stop masturbating for while and ur pain will automatically will go away.
  3. From what I've gathered excessive masturbation (and not just masturbation, but any excessive ejaculation, even during sex) can cause prostatitis, because too frequent ejaculations puts stress on the prostate. And too much stress on prostate can irritate it. It's like that with pretty much all body parts - if you rub your eye too much it will end up red eventually, if you abuse your liver by drinking too much it will become inflamed, etc. Prostate is no exception.

    At the same time ejaculation can help relieve some of the pressure. So often men will not even knew that they have prostatitis for years because they get rid of symptoms by ejaculating. Until they stop ejaculating as often which lets those symptoms manifest. So it might be that you had this for long time and only now you just noticed.

    Because it helps doctors will usually recommend ejaculating for prevention and as a way to healing. The problem here is that many doctors do not know that excessive ejaculation can even be cause of this.

    Obviously you do not want to ejaculate too frequently if it was the cause of this to begin with. And if prostatitis is not caused by infection then not masturbating would be safer than if infection would be there.

    I would say do not masturbate and push through the pain, if it is tolerable. I'm pretty sure it will get better with time. If there is no infection it is relatively safe to not ejaculate. If however you do decide to relieve the pressure then do not over do it. Maybe do it once a week, instead of 3 times a week. And then once prostate heals decrease the frequency to once every 2 weeks, etc.
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    Thank you very much for your answer
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    I used to get pain in my side if I was excited and didn't M for a few weeks.
    And some groin pain.
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    When I was younger I masterbated frequently. I used to have a pain in what felt like the tube that connects to the testicle. Used to feel like a knot was in there or something was lodged in there. as I got older i didn't masterbate quite as much so I didnt notice it as often. After doing NoFap for a few years I have never noticed it since. All in all I think frequent ejaculation could definitely be the cause of many types of internal pains down there, especially if your edging. I imagine it puts excessive strain on your organs. If I were you I would take doctor number twos advice and do not masterbate. Deal with the pain and if it gets too bad see another doctor.
  7. Some say the "stomach vacuum" exercise can help with this.

    I found it helped when my prostate area felt extremely "full".
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    I will read up on it.
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    i started today nofap i am 17 years old

    I've been masturbating for five years

    10th minute myself I'm holding hard :) :)
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    I have had benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and non-bacterial prostatis, which might be the same thing, for many years. No cause for my problem was discovered. My initial treatment consisted solely of prostate massage (by the MD), which helped immensely but only temporarily, and I couldn't see the doctor often enough to keep my condition under control. I tried to do self-massage without success. When I reported this to my MD, he advised me to ejaculate everyday, "either with a friend or alone".
    I attempted to do as he directed but I could not perform that frequently with my wife. So, I masturbated. Soon I resorted to porn to enable a reliable erection. I found some porn I liked, initially photos of naked young women - no sex - and masturbated daily at my computer. My prostate problem went away! However, the cost of my "home cure" was high: ED with my wife, loss of spontaneous erections, less morning wood, death grip, escalation to gay porn, to tranny porn, to sissy porn, homoerotic fantasies and urges, a touch of HOCD and, of course, the shame and poor self-esteem that accompany all of this. You guys know the story.
    I went to a different doctor. I left with a prescription for Tamsulosin. I am pleased to say that the drug has relieved all my prostate symptoms, totally without porn. This drug has side-effects, but I don't experience any of them.
    I encourage you to ask your doctor about this drug.
    Good luck!
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    Yo so for a long time I have always liked females..I have fallen in love several times...and loved it even tho it was one sided...I have been watching porn for a long time since i was 11....and I have indulged in porn from 3d shemale to throat fucking..and I began to notice that I was looking at the Male penis more than I had...of ever...then as this happened I shrugged it off...then I began to ask myself y did I notice that..I have never noticed the penis before...but then the cycle of what i hope is hocd took place....thus began the downward cycle of checking and questioning and mental compulsions and reassuring myself that I have been straight.
  13. Xaviar.marshall

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    Can someone turn gay...even if they were straight all their life before...have fallen inlove and everything....can this be real I dont wanna be gay man but I need I gay...or I'd this really hocd..its been 2 months I have been going threw this for 2 this internalized I in thr closet...i can be in the closet...I have been falling for girls for the longest time in 17 now in the 11th grade and my whole high school life I have been falling for girls never had a passing thought about men ever
  14. Probably just HOCD or something. Quit the P and the M and things should get better.
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    I had it too a couple times, then it went away for good, it's like your testicles are not used to the retention.
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    I’ve just read a book by soaring eagle promoted here on nofap. Dedicated to defeating prostatitis caused by fapping. The key is long term health cultivation and diet and Nofap streak which must be long at least 3-6 months. Health cultivation very important. You can take many pills as you want he says, but control the root cause = masturbation! He’s researched 2000 cases of prostatitis. Conclusion was, pmo is the cause.
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    Just take a few shots of masturbation, thats it.

    You will not do NoFap until you become healthier, in my opinion is your best choice.


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