Prostitutes are NOT the answer.

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    Unfortunately research into porn addiction is in it's infancy and so that type of research is not available but hopefully it soon will be. The only thing I can reference is other addicts stories of the rush they felt trying to find prostitutes and the depression they felt afterward. This would indicate elevated dopamine and then the subsequent reuptake neurotransmitter depleting the brain of dopamine. The "high" and "lows" of visiting a prostitute are very similar to porn addiction which is why many men cannot seem to stop doing it once they've started. You have already been addicted to porn so your brain is already very vulnerable to the reuptake neurotransmitter going into overdrive which will reset your reboot quite a bit.

    Having sex with a non prostituted woman is a slower process and doesn't release as much dopamine. She has to be as interested in you as you are in her so she is not a sure thing. A sure thing is what will produce the dopamine surge. A prostituted woman becomes an object to your brain that will give a thrill and the seeking that object is part of that dopamine surge. Hopefully this makes sense. Kind of like clicking on images or videos to get off. The dopamine surge from doing that is even better than the orgasm.

    Do you get excited at the prospect of having sex with a prostitute or finding one to your liking? This is an indication that you maybe hitting a dopamine surge. Mostly anything "on demand" can produce it.

    Taken from Your Brain On Porn

    Don't Worry, Your Penis Is Fine
    "ED in porn addicts is not a physical problem with the genitals. You don't need to test to see if everything is working. If you were able to acheive and erection when masturbating to porn then your penis works and the problem is, literally, inside your head. You don't need a prostitute to verify that everything is in order between your legs. Expect good sexual function and stay away from porn and masturbation. When the time comes, you'll be fine. I never had ED from porn. in my case it was diminished interest in real sex that was the culprit. I've always expected good sexual function and I've always had good sexual function. It's the normal order of things and it will work for you. Unless you are profoudly diabetic or have suffered a most unfortunate injury there is little reason to expect anything except good sexual function as long as you stay away from porn and masturbation."
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    Thats true i try to think this way as much as i can, cheers.
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    Limeaid: very useful advice. Most guys who have gone this route will agree that this becomes easily another form of addictive behavior. The male brain obsesses about the "candidate escort" to act out with. People spend hours on end checking escort websites. The dopamine rush, which generates addiction, is in the "hunt". I once made a mistake of accepting an erotic massage on a business trip. Just because other co-workers also decided to do it. Big mistake, I spent years obsessing about this in all future business trips. I did not repeat this but it became another form of addiction. Instead of relapsing to porn, I would masturbate to images of "providers" in massage parlors, imagining what it would be like to repeat the behavior, and tormenting myself with this endlessly. It only took "one experience" to get my brain hijacked. I ended up confessing this to my wife as I learnt that I would never overcome this otherwise. If someone does not believe in the "moral" argument, it would be useful to consider the experience of those who have experimented with this and found it extremely unsatisfying.
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    I really like this thread. I am very much interested in finding a meaningful relationship and feel that PMO has really held me back. Every time I try to quit I go for a little while, then relapse badly. The longer I go the harder I relapse and the worst it gets. Facebook > YouTube > porn sites > cam models > fetish porn > fetish can models > fetish escorts.

    Recently I have managed up to 21 days and was beginning to feel much better. In the last week I have been edging to images and videos of 2 fetish escorts and planning to meet them next week. I somehow rationalised that it was ok if I didn't O. I have now rationalised that if I stay a week from PMO before meeting them, my PIED will be much better so I can enjoy myself.

    I hope that after a week of no PMO I will come to my senses and not go through with it. This thread has certainly helped towards that direction. But I am still weak. I will try hard and keep coming back here to see if I can do what is best for my recovery and to avoid exploiting myself and others.
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    I agree that the obsessing about it and planning is somehow more powerful than the act itself. But after the act the feelings of self loathing lead to further lapses and the cycle continues.
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    Wow! A fantastic example
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    Yea I must admit it does makes sense when you put it like that. That the addiction is centered around getting sexual satisfaction on demand rather than porn in particular. So visiting a prostitute would just be fueling the addiction in a different way which obviously outweighs the benefits of visiting a prostitute that I had in mind. Thanks for sticking it to me like that!
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    Yeh .. really good image

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