Prostitution can be good and sacred

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    Counter: 383 days no PMO, semen retention.

    I just gave a deep thought about this subject. It's going to be controversial. If your religion it's against sex out of marriage, only meant for procreation, you are a very moralistic person this thread it's not for you. You have been warned.

    I always loved the idea of brahmacharya or celibacy since a little kid, I dreamed about living without sex all my life. So I was celibate most of my life. Out of choice.

    At 25 years old I lost my virginity to a prostitute. Why? Because I was under extreme stress and having difficulties studying and sleeping, my father he is a taoist practitioner said I need to have sex and recommended a prostitute. I was hesitant because I love being celibate I respect his judgment and I had sex with a young college girl escort, my performance was amazing I never felt the need to ejaculate and I didn't ejaculate at all. The girl was captivated by me she asked for my number and wanted to date me, she called me several times. I must confess I felt some pride because an escort a model looking girl was attracted to me, wanted to date me for free and become my girlfriend. We didn't take things further my father told me it wasn't a good idea. I trusted him and also I didn't know anything about girls back then.

    After sex I felt a calm I haven't felt in years I slept, studied better and I was stronger at the gym.

    After this, I visited a different escort every 6 months or once a year for 4 years, it was enough for me to balance my sexual energy, I always took my time to find an escort of good energy some are very special. I never ejaculated with the girls. This was a therapy for me, it was not for seeking pleasure I was having taoist sex non ejaculatory sex. It's the only sex I practice. I never ejaculate during sex, I only did it 3 times in my life with a girlfriend just to experience it, it doesn't compare to Tao and the multiorgasms you achieve non ejaculating. Also you become stronger and more healthy if you don't ejaculate. After ejaculation you just end up tired.

    Then I stopped using escorts 4 years later after I started. I was able to balance my sexual energy a lot better by myself that is why I stopped. And from that point I'm able to live without sex many months and can wait until a girl with good energy walks into my path.

    Conclusion: sex is sacred, prostitution can be a good job if it's not forced, girls do this out of need and many like their job and their clients, they have said this to me. Also for example escorts can help a married man in a relationship were the wife doesn't want to have sex anymore, they can help a guy to overcome PE, it can help a virgin to be good at love making.

    Most men that find escorts are regular smart working men, freaks are strange exceptions.

    I dare to say one time with an escort of good energy doing non ejaculatory sex can give you more balance, wisdom than 10 years trying to do nofap by yourself.

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    Thomas Aquinas believed in brothels. He said the sewage would spill out in the streets if we didn’t have them, which is what we have in the modern day.

    I believe in federally legalizing prostitution because it would lower the overvaluation of female smv that’s been highly inflated by social media & dating apps. Their overvaluation would be brought down to realistic levels.
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  3. I think this may get moved to off topic but..

    I never looked at that kind of practice with Taoist stuff but I suspect there needs to be a lot of context. With the subject title you gave I also wondered about the concept of it being a kind of initiation, which as far as I know isn't done with Taoist sexual practices but seems to be a part of other traditions which I don't know about.

    Another aspect is how do you qualify someone as being .. well, qualified? I guess in the old days you'd have some priestesses or whatever but it seems it may be a bit hit or miss. Even if someone tried to follow that tradition these days I'd imagine they may have a hard time getting a customer/initiate that they would also want, treating it as a sacred thing rather than just a John that's jonesin.

    To kind of play the devils advocate, something that comes to mind is the fact that wine is used as a sacrament. It can of course also be addictive just as sex can be.

    To just have another angle there's also stuff like using ayahuasca which I understand there's a church around that, but again there's a question of context.

    But not only may we have a hard time getting that info in this discussion but of course people may be resistant or interested to read about it, even if it doesn't involve any of us directly.

    There's also a question of distinguishing ceremony from what's sacred as a quality but.. Anyway that's probably all.
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    Plus I don’t want more Elliot Rogers running around ready to go postal.
  5. brassknucks

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    Not only in many other facets of life but the tech oligarchy even wants to control how people meet. There’s literally idiots out there that believe cold approaching is equal to sexual assault and that the only appropriate way to meet women is through dating apps.
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  6. Yeah the sad thing is people thinks in terms of statistics only, and that's just got numbers. I mean we have a good number of people on this forum too, there's the subreddit - but there's no telling if the best rebooters are even on either forum - but of course I don't think the platform is as bad as dating sites.

    Maybe a more pertinent question is do people even meet in person anymore? I guess there's a little more incentive to do that for dating but like really.. In general, at all?
  7. brassknucks

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    Yes, people still meet organically, which is what the tech oligarchs would love to stop and are trying all they can to stop it.
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    At least an escort that is not so negative, happy personality, femenine, doesn't use drugs, enjoys sex. If you try to find a taoist escort priestess I think it's asking too much haha
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    Hmmm, modern milarepa you're an interesting fella. I enjoy reading your posts and would love to pick your brain.

    However, I'm going to push back on this one not from a moralistic perspective but in terms of basic etiquette.

    Would it be appropriate to go to an AA meeting and say 'hey guys, wine is amazing! Great social lubricant, good for health in moderation!' ?

    You might be the only person on this site who could pull off what you're suggesting given your background as the son of a Taoist practitioner etc. Conversely, there are quite probably hundreds of people on this website whose lives have been absolutely shattered by seeing escorts and who have the chance of a snowball in hell to approach their addiction in the way you are suggesting. My concern is that there's more harm than benefit in a post like this.

    My two cents.
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    @InnerMan sex is similar to any other body function lets take the example of a food addict. He can not just stop eating, he needs to face food and eat healthy.

    Sex is risky but it's very difficult to live without it. This is a way of dealing with the issue in a healthy manner
  11. modern milarepa

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    You can replace wine with cardiovascular activity, other food sources but replacing sex with something besides sex it's extremely difficult. That is why tantra and tao exist, it's not a hedonist search, taoist are deep meditation practitioners, frugal and even them need sex to help them be balance.

    A knife can kill and also can help you to make delicious nutricious dish. It all depends how you use it. The same with sex.
  12. Wait, at what point did PMO enter the picture in your life though? Because the way you wrote the OP it almost sounds like you were not exposed to porn at all, just had sex with the escort as your first experience.
  13. brassknucks

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    Obviously prostitution isn't ideal, but neither is real life. I have different reasons to be pro prostitution than modern milarepa though.
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    That's a highly interesting view of the subject. Thanks for sharing
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  15. modern milarepa

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    I Started to use porn three or 5 months before the first escort. I was 25 years old. I didn't use a cumputer until that age. I was forced to use it because I was at medical school at university and had to receive e-mails about classes, I was starting to miss some classes and losing other ones. Also I did not have a cellphone so I just needed to use technology.

    I used to masturbate with my imagination mostly. I have masturbated 197 times in my entire life mostly in my teens after that I had long streaks and few relapses mostly with porn after 25 years old.

    You can say I was never a porn addict but you have to understand my father he is my mentor and he has never masturbated in his entire life so 195 times it's for me terrible amount of times MO.

    I was thinking to make a thread tomorrow about my introduction to porn. It's going to be interesting I promise. I don't want to ruin the surprise I guess you'll have to WAIT @OrganizeInformed

  16. Ok, well 3-5 months is probably a lot shorter time frame than the vast majority of people on here, regardless of how often/concentrated. Although.. You have an exact number apparently.
  17. modern milarepa

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    You are right it's not ideal but it can be a great help. Better to have sex with an escort occasionally than compulsively masturbate and live like a suicidal depressed, without energy unhealthy incel. Or choosing to stay in a relationship with a bad quality girl out of desperation for sex.
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    Yeah, this is what I have said man, its not a good world when you have a bunch of potential Elliot Rogers around ready to explode. There's some other guys like that murdered like Elliot, but Elliot has become the number one incel meme and most well known.
  19. modern milarepa

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    3 - 5 months before I had sex it's when I first jerk off to porn I was 25 years old. The few times I did it since that age, I'm 32 years old now, I did it mostly to porn. I don't know the exact number I masturbated to porn, I'll have to calculate it or make an approximation. I might do it tomorrow.
  20. modern milarepa

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    @OrganizeInformed I did the calculations about how many times I jerk off to porn. It started at 25 years old until 30 years old. Then I stopped masturbation, maybe 1 or 2 times more I MO after 30 years old, I'm almost 33 y.o next month.

    After I was 25 years old I used to have urges after 3 months, I didn't masturbate every 3 months but I can put an estimation. After every relapse I MO 2 times usually many hours edging. Sometimes I relapsed after 6 months or a year and did edging and 4 orgasms.

    So in general I can put 2 orgasms every 3 months since 25 until 30 years old.

    I have MO 40 times in my life. I did watch some porn when I was young it was 3 movies so let's add 10 more orgasms.

    I have approximately MO to porn 50 times in my entire life

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