Prostitution can be good and sacred

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  1. I've never officially been part of a monastic community/order. If anything I live more like a hermit.

    No worries. I'm in no rush really. Don't feel like you have to respond. I think our views/beliefs are so different that I'm sure we will not get past the agreeing to disagree stage. :cool::D
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    My thoughts on the matter. That prostitution is a profession that has made its way through time is indicative of the failing of men, the weakness of men. The very generation of the thought of 'using' another life because one cannot handle himself implies a lack of understanding of oneself. Indeed, a true understanding of oneself, of one's life, is rare these days. It isn't cultivated. Instead what it cultivated, whether implicitly or not, is that men are superior and that we are just mechanical beings. In a very rigid, animalistic sense (strength), sure men are superior. But, the true superiority comes with a bond, with a union of man and woman in a relationship, where sex should operate. But, men being superior is a short-sided view of things, of this world, in my humble opinion, which is where I believe the thought of prostitution arises.

    Humans have developed into a species that can literally transform his own reality. One that flourishes as a life from within need not put women in such a place. The use of sex without a deep bond (without a life partner) is such a small thing. Any perceived sacredness is rooted in "fulfilling the need of man". Hardly a sacred thing, it is like giving a child some candy. It is a compulsion altogether, an escape from the ramblings thought, a misunderstanding of life and energy. Energy can be cultivated from within, but that isn't taught nowadays. To begin to cultivate an understanding of life beyond the compulsions of men is truly a sacred act.
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    All in all, I sense that rationalization of unhealthy behavior such as prostitution is addiction sneaking from the other side. Addictive mind is a serious trickster.
    And its using tantra and 'spirituality' as excuse.
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    As someone wrote "There is no greater resource of energy in the world than thirsty men."
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  5. Why todays men are so desperate to go to prostitutes?
    You are man for a reason. You are supposed to be a strong person capable of leading others to glory.
    Sadly todays men are so feminine. Their gf/wife denies sex and they go a brothel. They cant finish their work on time and develop stress, to release stress they will go to a prostitute.
    Are you really that insecure that you have to depend on a person that sells her body to feel temporary happiness?

    Yeah and a lifetime of shame and guilt.

    Sex is sacred, Prostitution its not.
  6. So people can change religion that easily? Interesting.

    In which part of the world you live in bro?
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  7. I wonder what made you join this forum since by reading your posts it becomes clear that you never had any negative effects of porn and nor you developed any addiction towards porn or sex.

    I get it you are the modern life chad. But dude some of your posts are not at all suitable for people who are new or who are already recovering from being sex addicts.

    Just because it worked for you doesnt mean it will work for everyone.
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    I will not answer your question but it's called confusion.
  9. Doesn't matter. Knowing someone's religion is least of my concern.

    I know @modern milarepa is very experienced in taoist sexual practices and he may be a giga chad.
    But I dont agree with him on this post.

    However I am interested in knowing how sex with a prostitute can be sacred?
    And for a man how is sex with a prostitute different from casual sex?
  10. Is Roku right? @modern milarepa Are you secretly the true giga chad of this modern age...?
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    @Rokudaime I have answered many of your questions on this thread already if you want to know you'll have to read all my posts on this thread.

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    It's not easy for me. It was a very deep and profound choice making these changes.
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    I thought it was you @Humble Warrior formerly known as conquering winner

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  14. It might've been. But I wouldn't call myself that. Mindsets can trick you and make you believe such false ideals at times. While being a giga chad would sweet, I can't say I'd like to be one. I'd like to be my ideal self instead of the giga chad. However, I have no idea how to reach that self yet. I'll slowly move forward as I gain a better idea of what I'd like to become in the next years.
  15. It seems that the people in this thread have a hard time discussing the morality of prostitution. Sex is legal (between two adults) but when you offer cash in exchange for sex (between two adults), it’s illegal. The logic doesn’t make sense. Prostitution is no different than going on an online dating app for a hookup.

    “Consensual sex is legal. But as soon as one party offers cash to another in exchange for sex and that money is voluntarily accepted, it’s considered prostitution, and that is illegal. This is hypocritical, illogical, and wasteful – and it needs to stop…

    Perhaps you think sex work is an immoral lifestyle. However, it is arguably no less moral than a lifestyle of random ‘hooking up,’ or the stereotypical lifestyle of the professional athlete or rock star who brags about how many women he has had sex with…

    It is the duty of government to protect property rights and to prosecute individuals who coerce or force themselves upon others. However, the government needs to stop wasting resources on voluntary, adult sexual exchanges… It is time to put an end to this hypocritical and wasteful prosecution of sex workers and their clients.”-Ninos P. Malek, Phd.
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    Before I might agree but I’ve been doing a lot of research on human trafficking for a school project. And a lot of prostitution is deeply rooted in human trafficking.
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    There’s a documentary about it on YouTube called nefarious merchant of souls. It’s pretty eye opening
  19. “Criminalization does not help people get out of prostitution and legalisation does not trap them in it.

    As a society we can choose whether to make it easier for people to escape prostitution or whether to make life harder for those trapped in it.”-Former sex worker (wants her name to be anonymous)

    Criminalization of prostitution doesn’t help the women because the pimps are in a black market to sell. In a legal market, the women are able to sell their bodies in a much safer environment. In a black market, you can’t legitimize, license, medically inspect, zone, and tax prostitution. Whereas legalization you can. This makes it safer for both parties, the seller and the buyer.

    You can turn crime into an economic plus through legalization, which will benefit communities suffering from organized crime. When you turn crime into an economic negative, the only people that benefit are the criminals. When I mean “crime”, I’m talking about victimless crimes like drugs and prostitution. Not murder and theft. When the criminals have no incentive to make money through illegal activity, they leave the business.

    Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession. It’s going to be a thriving business whether they are laws or no laws.
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  20. I solicited the services of prostitutes for many years, the only thing it was good for was stripping away whatever semblance of humanity was left in me while I was active in addiction.
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