Prostitution can be good and sacred

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    At what point in time did you finally stop?
  2. November 22nd 2019. I left a massage parlor after not even being able to get a hard-on. For a long time I thought the idea of sex/masturbation addiction was BS but sitting in my car I realized I needed to stop everything. So I decided to embark on a new path on November 23rd 2019. No masturbation, no escorts, no massage parlors, no strip clubs, no pornography, no dating, no orgasm, no NOTHING. It was time to take a break.

    According to the banner on my post that was over 500 days ago.
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    threads like this makes me feel this forum should be rather called "profap"
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    Cool story , bro.
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    cool forum bro
  6. Who was mentioning fapping in this thread?
  7. Personally, I think the Neo-abolitionism model is the way to go. It criminalizes the act of buying sex but legalizes the act of selling sex. Street prostitution in Sweden has been cut in half and the demand for prostitution in Norway has weakened significantly thanks to this model. Individuals (in this context women) that prostitute themselves often come from poor backgrounds while the buyers (in this context men) come from upper middle class to rich backgrounds.
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    But can it really? *Thinking emoji*
  9. Is morality logical?
  10. That depends on your definition of morality.
  11. I'm guessing you're a utilitarian based on that answer, which happens to be an answer I like. I also agree that the laws regarding prostitution (as far as I know) are based on moral imperatives at the time they were implemented, and they try - and fail - to apply these imperatives in a logically consistent way (we expect our legal system to be logical, which is fine as far as I'm concerned. Although the concept of laws is just as messy and frankly untouchable to me as the concept of "morality").

    I was testing you or maybe fishing for an argument, but I don't really have anything to argue against. Still I'm curious: do you personally think that morality (the quality of something being right or wrong) is or should be logical?
  12. There are universal laws of morality that one should never break regardless of emotions. I argue that one should not lie under any circumstance. To decide whether suicide is moral or immoral; imagine if everyone committed suicide. Since mass international suicide would not be a good thing, the act of suicide is immoral. My moral framework operates under the overarching maxim that you should treat each person as an end in themselves, not as a means to an end.
  13. good or bad, people will do it anyway
  14. First, why is it immoral for everyone to commit suicide?

    Second, it seems you are making a fallacy of division. The world committing suicide is not the same thing as an individual committing suicide. This reasoning is often used to say that homosexuality is immoral by implying that if everyone were gay there would not be enough procreation for humanity to continue. Now I'm hoping you don't also believe such a thing.
    And why is this framework correct? Or rather, why do you adhere to it?
  15. I believe it is unethical and immoral to commit suicide to satisfy oneself. Many of life’s hardships (mental health, emotional pain, economic hardship) are transitory and can be ameliorated by therapy and through making changes to some aspects of one's life.

    By the way, I’m not against homosexuality. A person’s sexuality shouldn’t define who you are. People should be themselves.
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    Block him Please. It's for good. No one should get spoiled by these type of people with evil intenrions in mind. They might not know but they have it. Protect yourself
  17. Thanks man. I didn’t know this website had a block button.
  18. this thread really turned into "gay nerds fighting but make it philosophy" again... can't wait for this to turn into a stirnerposting thread
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