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Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by moulox, Apr 21, 2019.

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    I'd like to get some advice by the more experienced/educated on this matter because I think I'm a bit confused.

    Today reached day 34 of no PMO, which is my first try to cure my ED. I went straight into a flatline (or was just disappointed from my breakup) from day one for about 3 weeks and since then I had just one good morning wood and no spontaneous erections. I keep reading that having love making sessions to a partner helps with the rewiring and the only variable is that if one should reach orgasm or not, depending on the reboot stage he is in. I know this is preferred to be done with someone you care for but am quite opposed on me trying to get a girlfriend in this stage mainly since the last one I had withdrew her support to me after a while and I simply can't take any chance to live that experience again.

    The matter at hand is if I should try having sex with prostitutes, not in the stereotypical jackhammer to the O way, but as it would with a hypothetical girlfriend; in a slow relaxing way where I would enjoy her body and I wouldn't try to force myself to achieve vaginal sex.

    So what's your opinion? Am I still too early on my reboot and I should stay clear of any O I might reach in that process?

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