Provide your insights, if you have visited a psychiatrist to treat your addiction

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by darylpoynter, Jun 25, 2019.

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    I am planning to visit a psychiatrist to treat my porn / masturbation addiction and before going, I would like to know the possible treatments / therapies that could be used for this. I am totally unaware of how doctors deal with issues like this. I have read a thing or two about how they deal with drug addictions, like administering different drugs in succession to counteract the effect of the harmful drug, but I am totally in the dark here. Please provide your experiences if any.
  2. Pornography addiction is actually no different than food addiction, and it is treated in the same way. It is behavior problem and is treated counseling not drugs.
    Be clear to your psychiatrist that you can not stop the behavior and it has negatively affected your life. Do not try to prove to him/her that this is addiction just like any other addiction, because it is not.

    Psychiatrist will for the most part create accountability by having you come in to report your results, then he/she will introduce tracking - where you will keep track of your use, then suggest attainable goals to reduce use overtime. As you achieve goals, he/she will clearly show you progress to keep you motivated.

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