Psychedelics, have you used them to help PMO?

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    I believe they can work miracles, if they excite your brain to process information at super high rate you can process issues and trauma. People say they have cured stutters after shrooms, and PTSD after LSD.

    Anyone's personal experience with PMO before and after psychedelics.
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    Psychedelics are actually worse then pmo. Stay away from drugs dude!
  3. Not true
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    According to Wikipedia ..psychedlics are "drugs" that induce perceptual hallucinations by affecting the serotonin receptors in the brain.
  5. Psychedelics are the fee drugs that are actually nonlethal and (If done right and content is pure) unharmed drugs out there. People that haven't taken drugs will say psychadelics are bad for you, bc they're scared of its effects.

    My psychadelics experience is LSD (5-ish times, last time being a couple days ago), shrooms (my fav & 5ish times), and DMT one time.

    Psychadelics really open your mind sometimes and transports you to another point of view on things.

    For example, I took acid a few days ago bc my buddy came up. Before, I was slipping into PMO, rising anxiety, and just being unclean I'm general. Then after I started to work on everything.

    It is 100% not a cure for anything. It's for the open minded, forsure.

    & I DON'T recommend taking any psychadelics to cure from PMO. It won't work. You have to take psychs to want to take psyche. It's NOT like most drugs. It can be intense (but fun) and it's not toxic, unlike mdma and cocaine for example. Ideally psychadelics are less harmful for you then marijuana (considering the smoke you inhale for weed).

    AND never take psychadelics if you have SEVERE depression/anxiety. Keyword severe. Or PTSD. If you have demons that you often can't control in your head (not talking pmo urges here), then don't take psychs bc they will come out to haunt you. And when you're tripping, this is not a good combo.

    Shrooms and acid is where I would begin, fuck dmt for your 1st trip. Most people lile acid more, I like shrooms. Acid is lighter feeling. High colorful visuals. Just wavy lines in the walls changing colors and other things. While shrooms are deeper waves and heavy body high, a little more intense. I love shrooms bc they're mushrooms. You're eating poisonous mushrooms, it's natural. And that's what it feels like, natural. The old native tribes took them to meditate and "communicate" w their elders that passed on.

    This is gonna be taken down most likely bc this site is all over the place w rules but read it as you can.

    More professional advice:
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  6. I guess the had got taken down. Just do your own research. You'll see they're unharmful. There's a very small amount of deaths (compared to other drugs, including alcohol). These rare deaths ate linked to stupid stuff either like "somebody gets scared and has a heart attack" or more commonly "somebody trips by themselves or everybody's tripping and they fall off a cliff while camping or jump through a window"

    These are rare causes and have never heard of these happening except the 30 and under people that happened to die while on it
  7. Okay, yeah that's a little part of what they do. And why is that worse than pmo? Have you done research, personal experience, etc? And have you compared these results to pmo?
  8. @Infinite spirit or is it more like you read "induces hallucinations" & "raise serotonin" and you draw a conclusion that it's "bad"?
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    It's obviously unhealthy to fuck with your nervous system and your perceptions . You may develop mental illness from these weird hallucinations. The thing is..psychedelics bring your deepest subconscious desires and fears ..
    I never tried them because I don't want to end up being a psycho . But I know lots of people try them cuz they think it's nonaddictive like heroin or cocaine .
  10. Listen.. I'm not in the mood to just retype in a different format what i wrote earlier in this thread. But you can do your research online. Its on there. Do some medium research into hallucinogenics and stimulants and narcotics etc. Maybe see differences. Read people's accounts. Look at stats. I'm not allowed to suggest drugs to you on here our I'll get kicked, but... just do your research.

    And I wasn't gonna bring this up. But your last sentence baffles me. I re-read it 5 times and I believe it's a typo, but the way it's worded it's not. Please tell me it's a typo. You said "I know people try them because people think they're non addictive like heroin and cocaine". Are you crazy? Heroin and cocaine are the most highly addictive substances, emphasis on heroin. Please tell me it was a typo.

    Psychedelics do not bring out your deepest and darkest fears. Not in any capacity. And you haven't even tried them so you don't have much credibility, and I'm not trying to be a dick I'm just saying.

    Psychedelics bring out your current state of mind and magnify it. If you're a happy person with no demons in your head, you will have a fantastic time. If you're like me and is relatively happy, sometimes sad, dealing w anxiety and a bunch of bullshit, you'll do fine if you have a level head. Sometimes in my trip that anxiety comes back but I control it, even when tripping. If you have severe depression, suicidal urges, and get panic attacks and take psychadelics. You will be in a very dangerous and scary situation. People rarely, if ever, gain mental disorders from these drugs. They could go insane if they already have severe mental disorders

    Psychedelics have been medically shown to greatly treat (or at least help) patients with ptsd. Theres multiple links in google. Typically (but not always) these chemical compounds are very health beneficial and can be microdosed for a variety of problems. Nothing like to the extent of marijuana however.

    I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but idk why people inform others and talk about drugs in a negative light when they haven't done them or have any experiences. Honestly, have you known anybody personally that has gotten harmed or addicted to hallucigenic? The answer is no bc it doesn't happen. Top 3 pet peeves of mine, just saying.
  11. I think in the near future we will see legal psychedelic therapy. Recently, the former street drug "special K" has been approved and is being administered in a controlled setting to treat depression. The results have been quite positive. I think we are really turning a corner in terms of treating psychological problems.

    As far as treating PMO addiction with psychedelics, I think you'd really have to do your research and carefully plan your approach. It's not as simple as just dropping a tab of acid or eating 5 grams of mushrooms and expecting to clear all your addictions and mental hangups.
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    Guys, listen to your parents. Listen to your teachers. Listen to the sane people who aren't on drugs. They're all telling you not to do drugs. I wish I had listened to them instead of people online going around saying drugs are A-OK. I have a serious mental illness now, probably thanks to marijuana and hallucinogens ("psychedelics"). If I could go back in time and show myself the damage that doing drugs would reap on me, I would. But I can't so I'll just warn you guys: don't listen to the internet kooks telling you to do drugs. I listened to them. I thought my parents were wrong. I thought everybody was wrong and they were right. I spent countless hours scouring drugs forums and websites, totally convinced that drugs were harmless. Man, was I wrong...

    Thanks for listening,
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