Psychiatry is a bit clueless, but some insight into PIU

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  1. I saw my psychiatrist today. He, like many in the field, do not see the real dangers of today's online pornography, they openly admit their "non-traditional values" guide their response - that [PMO] is okay. I almost feel like I'm teaching them about rebooting. Nevertheless, he did comment in two ways that are worth considering:

    (PIU) Problematic Internet Usage should not be viewed as a binary model: PIU is bad vs. Reboot is good. Rather, the moment of addicted or attracted behavior should be considered this way: "Don't judge, observe." In other words, if we set it up as a binary, we will bounce back and forth - from the good to the bad - like a ping-pong ball. A cycle of use, guilt, shame and punishment is built. If we label something as good or bad, we will come back to it. But if we don't judge our feelings and simply observe them, consider them, they will dissipate more quickly.

    He was also emphatic PIU be examined by its content, not quantity (e.g. # of orgasms). The content tells us more about ourselves than the number of times we masturbate in the day. Observing the content without judgement reveals many underlying symptoms and associations, behavioral patterns that can be approached and modified.

    These ideas could very well help some of us battling PMO. The idea of "Don't judge, observe." is simplistic but works for me. But as most doctors are clueless to the dangers of today's porn, they focus on content and try to build a no-shame, promodernistic model. That's if they're any good at all. Most psychiatrists and psychologists have experience with PIU through their on-going education. Nevertheless, porn is never blamed. [Capitalism?]

    My psychologist is much more helpful. Yet his approach is also non-binary, non-judgemental, underlying cause, length of porn usage often not talked of - but at least he's not going to prescribe something for the "underlying" cause.

    My opinion - these ideas could help some people, but not specific to PMO. And I would go to a psychologist/therapist, if needed, on your journey to recovery. Otherwise you're sure to walk out of the psychiatrist's office with a prescription. Unless you are truly unbalanced, why rewire your brain with meds as you try to reboot (rewire) your brain from PMO. Both are toxic in my opinion.

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