Psychological therapy during rebooting?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by AlexWillDoIt, May 23, 2019.

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    Hi guys. Now, I started rebooting (and relapsing) for some month now. My longest streak were 20 days and my PIED recovered quickly. I also have a psychological help along the way and my therapist said: porn addiction is not the problem, it’s the symptom. Why am I PMOing? What brought me to the point of considering myself a porn addict? What Are The triggers? Why am I afraid of intimacy and sex with someone?

    Has anyone else done a therapy for this addiction and how does it work out for you?
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    Yes, even in recovery circles they will flat out say the addiction is the symptom - but there is a matter of curbing the addiction so you can live your life without it screwing things up, the more extreme cases people can't hold a job and get by.

    I don't think you do therapy for an addiction if it is the symptom, you do it for you - for healing yourself and your life. Addiction is a part of that and I think it will be healed as you dig deeper.

    I've only ever done short term therapy and never tied it in with PMO but a lot of people in recovery have some kind of trauma, the most obvious connection with it would be sexual trauma. Some of them are dealing with other addictions like alcohol but a lot of people tend to have more than one addiction too. From the people I've met it seems the ones that are doing better continually work on themselves and it isn't just going to the therapist and hoping they will fix them, community is a big part of it whether it's a recovery focused one or otherwise.
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    Thanks for your very interesting point of view. Just came out of therapy, and we are digging deeper (which normally was the moment I broke up with therapy). Seeming I don’t have my own personality but am a construction of what I think the other and society wants me to be, I guess it’s time to keep going and finally become me.
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    Maybe your therapist should review the most recent research, 40+ neurological studies that fit within the addiction model.
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