Public Battles; Private Battles

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  1. Finding something better than porn is our technique to get us up out of this hole we dug. Caring more about something will tend to take the interest away from this addiction. The reason things tend to go south in our every day world is due to not being a master of ourselves. Knowing PMO will affect another interest of ours, might just be what we need to shift our attention away from the urges.

    In other words, we need to cultivate something to care about. There needs to be something that drives us. Then, when we realize that PMO disturbs it, we have good reason to quit.

    Without even searching for a new hobby or craft, look at the daily interactions you have. Those are considered the public battles. The office meetings, project deadlines, interpersonal communication with loved ones, interactions with strangers. All of those things are done outside of ourselves, public for all to see. The private battles are the ones we face when no one is looking. By now you have probably realized that losing the public battle—that is, having trouble at work, getting frustrated with loved ones and strangers, looking like an idiot in front of your co-workers—is a direct correlation to having lost the private battle.

    If you think back in your life to all the mistakes, chances are you were also relapsing at the same time. This is a good reason to stay strong in the private battles. Knowing and having the awareness that both worlds are actually inter-related, might make us think twice before we go down that road again.
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    This is very true. Just yesterday at work I noticed how calm and in the moment I was throughout the day. It's definitely a difference than when I PMO and I'm kinda zoned out lol. Awesome post solid stance!
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  3. Ya, the brain fog of a recent fap is awful. The clearness of staying clean is so much better. Ive made myself look like a fool at work so many times because of PMO.

    Now, I'm on point and the boss is like "wtf did you have for breakfast"
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  4. No one will know about the private battles, except you. Winning them will seep out into your whole day. Meditation is also a private battle.

    “The greatest battles of life are fought daily in the silent chambers of our soul. Settle the issues there and you will feel an inward sense of peace. An inward sense of “I know what I am about”. Working cooperatively with others and success with follow you naturally.”- Stephen Covey
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  6. Man that IS IT. Thank you for that

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