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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Yalmoo, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. Yalmoo

    Yalmoo Fapstronaut

    so tonight I had quite a relapse.
    Again I got quite drunk and everything was ok until my way home. As I was walking, I was opening my jeans buttons knowing my pants would fall. Also I lowered my underpants below my ass and dick and let my open jeans to fall down. The streets were empty most of the time and when a guy would come I’d let my pants fall, exposing my bare ass or hard dick.
    It’s basically edging only instead of porn I strip down in front of guys... does anybody have tips how to avoid this behavior?
  2. BravelyKegger

    BravelyKegger Fapstronaut

    First thing to do is never touch alcohol again, you obviously cannot handle it, same thing with me, if i get drunk or high i cannot control myself, it weakens your will and makes you not want to resist, so quit alcohol or give up. Also do a reboot, 90 days no pmo, if you cannot be in public because of your problem than do not go out.
  3. Zorglub

    Zorglub Fapstronaut

    Was it worth it? Probably not. So repeat too yourself : don't do it, it's not worth it .
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  4. jshc24

    jshc24 Fapstronaut

    It just sounds like you need to develop a better relationship with alcohol. It draws unhealthy behavior from you, and the solution is easy just lighten or take a break from drinking. Also, if you feel you're drawn to expose yourself from an innate characteristic you possess maybe see a therapist about it. Either way, don't overthink it. The way to prevent it is to not get that drunk again until you can be sure you won't do that again if you do. We all have our limits, respect yours.
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  5. delhiboy

    delhiboy Fapstronaut

    man why would someone do that? dont put blame on alcohol. may be you think you are straight but gay or bisexual. if this is the case it is normal. but if you are perfectly straight then man you need to seriously think about your behavior. stripping and letting other people see everything is some kind of problem. explore and introspect why would you want to do it?
  6. acquasalata

    acquasalata Fapstronaut

    What? Even if he's gay or bisexual it's not normal, why would you say that? Do you think gay people behave like this every time??

    Like the people before me, I suggest not to drink, and thinking how the people seeing you would react. If you met the wrong person you would get beaten up or killed. Or a weak person would react like it's an harassment and it would touch his mental health.
  7. delhiboy

    delhiboy Fapstronaut

    People expose to the gender they are attracted to. This is a fact guys show girls how big their cock is and ladies enhance their boobs and butts to show off. This is pretty evident to you i need not to present proof of this behavior of showing their naked body to the gender they are attracted.
    Now another point, is it normal or not? -- people tend to do some courageous things they otherwise won't do under impression of alcohol. As i am a straight guy i put up a straight Guy's perspective, i would never ever strip to guys under influence of alcohol unless forced to do under threat to harm me.
    Hence if he is straight there is possibility of some bigger issue and if he is gay or bisexual he can control his behavior by having more control if he want to stay away from this exposing naked body to other dudes.
  8. delhiboy

    delhiboy Fapstronaut

    I missed your another question- do i think gay guys behave like this every time!
    Answer- i think not only gay guys but every gender you can think of does things like this. Every time or not? Nobody does anything every time.
    Please you people who think saying gay is a crime should think again. Gay bisexual lesbians and male, female are all similar and none is superior to other. Just because i said gay i should not be persecuted. I am putting everybody equal and i refuse to give any gender gay or anything else superiority to other. Its not crime to talk about gay. There is full freedom to talk about a gay people.
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  9. acquasalata

    acquasalata Fapstronaut

    You didn't get my point. I don't really care if someone is gay, hetero or whatever, I care if someone is doing bad things to other people, and strip in front of a PERSON, whatever gender it is, that doesn't want to see you naked is a bad thing.
    Yeah, it's a problem to say "I'm heterosexual" and then doing "gay" things, but it is a bigger problem to harm people.
    Do you think it would be normal if he stripped in front of a girl, then? Well, it's freaking not.
  10. acquasalata

    acquasalata Fapstronaut

    I want point that I didn't mean to judge anyone, this is a place everyone has to not be judged and talk about their problems.
    I wanted to say I think it's a bigger issue to solve the problem about stripping in the streets then to who he strips in front of.
    It's clear he has to clarify his sexuality to live better with himself, tough.
  11. delhiboy

    delhiboy Fapstronaut

    Its not cool to strip to other people but nonetheless people do it. If a lady strip in front of any one who don't want it then he can simply ignore that stuff.
    If something from outside coming to you, there is no way it can harm/impact you without your permission. For example if a lady with painted body traveling with you in flight, then just ignore that, its in your power.
    If a guy stripping to other ladies, they just ignore that stuff. People want to do just anything nowadays we can't stop everybody. The bigger harm could come to the person exposing, he is more vulnerable.
  12. delhiboy

    delhiboy Fapstronaut

    Nobody need to clarify their sexuality to others. But everybody should be very clear about it in their head. It will save a lot of problems. When ladies like ladies we call them lesbians but before modern era, 3rd gender people were persecuted hence they tend to hide stuff and people thought i was some kind of disease, but now clarity is there that 3rd gender people are as normal as others. Hence it saves them confusion in their own minds. Others don't have anything to do in that matter.
  13. acquasalata

    acquasalata Fapstronaut

    The fact we can ignore this behaviors doesn't justifies that they should not exist.
    A victim can ignore bullies, that doesn't mean he/she is not a victim, and there are many more examples.

    But you're right about sexuality, nobody needs to clarify it for others, but just for themselves
  14. delhiboy

    delhiboy Fapstronaut

    Brother where i am saying these behavior should exist? I said its not in your power to stop that. What is in your power is not to get impacted by other people's behavior. There is a difference. Buddha said when something comes from outside like unpleasant view, bitter words, unpleasant smell. You can just using your sense and ignore it. It cannot go inside you without your permission. Hence you'll stay pure and insulated from things you cannot otherwise control.
  15. Like @BravelyKegger said, avoid alcohol
  16. de severn

    de severn Moderator Assistant

    Sounds like you’re conditioning yourself to the thrill of being an exhibitionist. That could be a hard fantasy to shake but if you really want to stop, think of how your reputation would suffer if you had to register as a sex offender for indecent exposure or think of how traumatized/disgusted an unsuspecting viewer could get.

    I don’t want to beat you up over this but you need to channel your sex drive in other areas to alleviate those urges. Try setting some goals and challenging yourself. You might find a different reward system that you feel good about. PMO and those fleeting moments of pervert pleasure are not rewarding in a deeper sense. They get you high but you don’t take anything meaningful out of it unless you like scaring yourself with each new level of self-loathing ascension.

    Good luck to you.
  17. Yalmoo

    Yalmoo Fapstronaut

    Thanks everybody for your comments. I read them all.

    I honestly don’t understand all the sexual orientation has anything to do with it as it’s not relevant to the subject, although I can say I’m gay and not ashamed of it - what I am ashamed of is my problematic behaviour im dealing with.

    Since that day I barely drank - although I don’t find the drinking to be the problem (while some of you might have said so). I don’t blame it, and I don’t believe stop drinking is the answer to my problems - it just made something happen faster that it would if I weren’t drinking. I’m not that big of a drinker anyways.

    Nowadays I do a few things - first of all I avoid porn, for the reason i partly believe my behavior is imitating porn situation in a way but also because I dont find logic in watching it anymore - I’m almosr two months free.
    Second, I try to get myself back to a situation I was a year ago - when I got aroused only by people real people, thoughts about them, And not by exposing myself in public. It’s a very hard “battle” but this is the right thing to do.

    Right now the hardest thing is to go near a place with public restroom and not stop by to expose myself and masturbate again... Obviously I can’t avoid public places, but what I try to do is tell myself that every time I go near one and not do it, i won the right to feel good about myself (sounds silly but I find that very powerful). I was able to minimize the amount of times I did it this month to maybe twice - thats a win in some way, isn’t it? Only when I write it down I realize.
    Any other tips would be appreciated.
    Thank you all.
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  18. xvtc ctvx

    xvtc ctvx Fapstronaut

    Stopping with exposure, humiliation, exhibition porn will probably help. Hopefully, it worked out for you.
  19. Johntempted

    Johntempted Fapstronaut

    I had this for a while too. I let in hotels the cleaning girl walk in on me while jerking and pretended I did not see
  20. InnerFaith

    InnerFaith Fapstronaut

    sorry, judgment alert:

    its realy retarded and self destructive.. if i was you i would ask my self first why do i bring myself to such self compromising situations in the first place? might it be just a hidden demon of depression kicking in? might it be an unconcious excuses you prepare yourself for a pattern of re-assured self defeat?
    its either gonna end with: bunch of people stomping on your face with their boots / police arrest / social isolation and sexual notoriety.

    stay off party drugs and alcohol, stay off negative and immoral company, and may god bless you i wish so..
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