Pumping Iron - Weight Lifting Advice and FAQ

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Daedaleus, Sep 24, 2019.

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    id literally freak out if i woke up an some of my limbs locked up from over lifting
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    I think it would be important to mention that it's usually best for a beginner to use a well-known program that has a good reputation. For instance Starting strength and Stronglifts 5x5 are good examples of programs that have been proven to work. By using a program made by a proffessional you minimize the chances that you'll fuck something up because of ignorance. And believe me, any beginner lifter is ignorant enough to fuck something up.
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    I'm all for beginners using other routines that were composed by a licensed trainer, but from I have personally seen, many of them are of similar composition. They focus on fundamental compound and isolation fits that most people have at least some passing knowledge of what the lift is. Even if you're using a program by a professional, if you don't do the lift correctly, you'll fuck something up out of ignorance; which is why I try to provide a hyperlink with each lift to a page that has both written instructions and video of how to perform each lift.

    I'll always defer to a licensed professional, but many beginning work out programs utilize the same core group of lifts; it's just the training days, reps, sets, and to a lesser extent variation of those lifts that differ. I will always encourage someone to find and/or do what they think is best for them in terms of finding a workout routine that works for them. Any routines I post are simply the routines I use and would recommend to a friend who wanted to lift with me, they are free to be tweaked, ignored, or followed; I'm just trying to give people an idea of what the composition of these routines look like.
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    Yeah it wasn't fun lol, I'd literally have to constantly stretch my arms just to get them to function, which hurt like hell. And if I hadn't used them after like 20 minutes, they'd lock back up on me, which would mean I would have to repeat the stretches again.
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    It’s great to see this thread. Nofap is an excellent lifestyle choice. Exercise is too. Put them together and you get closer to alpha mode. Stay strong
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    Added the plateau section, I will be adding a split training routine tomorrow most likely. I won't have time to do it between now and my appointment to work on my sleeve.

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