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    Rebooted since few hours ago, still have feeling coming over to PMO, it's an upward fight to fight the feeling but maybe I should think of this as purge; the harder the impulse to PMO if I fight all that off and still go on the more I fight off that the better result it will bring later on. Just have to believe it's a test to see if I can fight it, it is hard because when I pmo I didn't binge and somehow that makes me want to PMO but I already logged my time of rebooting I must follow through.
  2. The first two days are the hardest, man. Then it gets fairly easy to fight, but then for me at about the two-week mark there's a super intense fight again where you have to go all out!

    Keep your guard up and fight hard these next two days! I'm the same spot as you, and I'll do the same

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