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  1. Purity

    I once was young and innocent,
    A child who knew no lust.
    Naive, I was, and ignorant,
    And full of misplaced trust--
    For soon the world of hedonists
    Despoiled my pristine mind...
    Their self-pollutions and their trysts,
    Prepared for me to find.​
    Pandora's box invited me,
    And I, in innocence,
    Raised up the lid, set demons free,
    Who've plagued me ever since.
    If only I could yet redeem
    That simple purity,
    I'd pay a treasure worth a dream
    To be forever free.​
    Yet God has promised a new heart
    If I give Him my all;
    I may, if I will do my part,
    In victory yet stand tall.
    I'll yield my will to Him today
    And choose deliberately
    To do what's right and flee away
    From all impurity.​
    If with God's help I bring each thought
    Into captivity,
    Addictions I have often fought
    Will fall away from me.
    Lord, help me then to yield to You
    Whenever I am pressed;
    Forgive my past and make me new,
    And I shall be most blest.​
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  2. Yes and I pray that he helps me. I had a relapse today and I'll have to ask for his forgiveness. I talked to myself and I will not let this beat me! I was 3-4 weeks in but I refuse to let the devil win!
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  3. Perhaps you have seen some of my tips already, but if not, click on the links in my signature for some of the best ones. Victory is possible, but not if one resists in the wrong way. The battle for purity must be taken to the thoughts. And God will help you to have new desires if you ask Him and commit your life to Him. Read Psalm 37:3-5; 1 Corinthians 10:13; and Philippians 4:8, 13. Claim God's promises, and you can claim victory!
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    Very cool poem
  5. Jerky

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    This has been helpful. Thank you.
  6. I'm glad you liked it. May God bless your efforts, giving you the desire, the resolve, and the strength to be an overcomer on every weak point.
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    Awesome poem! I'm a writer myself so I really appreciate seeing poems like this
  8. Maybe this forum should have a section for creative writing like this. Perhaps you would like to contribute some of your own. My hope is that my writing does more than merely entertain.
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