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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by HopeThisWorks111, Feb 10, 2018.

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  1. HopeThisWorks111

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    I'm doing a pushup challenge for self-improvement that will hopefully later on lead me to do cardio and heart healthy exercises, using the momentum I gain from this challenge. I will start by doing 15 assisted pushups every day for a week, and then the next week 20, and then 25, and then all the way up to 90. Then I will start over with 15 pushups, and go all the way to 90, and then I will just cap and do 90 every day. The pushups must be slow and precise, spending a few counts at the bottom, and at least two on the way down. If you want, you can start at 5, as long as you keep up the trend! If you decide to add in cardio minutes, feel free to post that as well! To day infinity and beyond! :) Good Luck! I wish you strength!
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  2. I did 60 pushups today, but i want to do it at a stretch. I will join you.
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  3. HopeThisWorks111

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  4. Alright, I'm in! I will start with 10 pushups every day for the next week, starting on Monday.

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