Put down those glasses, take those contact lenses off! Fix your eyesight challenge!

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    Basically. Reading small text from a comfortable yet challenging distance is the key. You will see that your eyes will automatically clear up the blur now and then. The idea behind this is that it will trigger a mechanism in the eye which cause it to grow shorter. Basically just reversing what we've done to our eyes with excessive close up strain. The human eye is not supposed to look at a point close up for hours at a time. If your eyesight improves you have to progressively move father away from the screen to ensure that your eyes are still forced to adapt. It's essentially like lifting weights.

    But, I will tell you that this is not a magic pill. It will take years depending on your current perscription. Higher myopia seems to reverse faster than ower myopia. Meaning: Going from -5D to -4D is a lot quicker than going from -1D to 0D. Like with everything, the results you will get depend on how persistent and disciplined you are.

    It took me years to improve just one diopter of myopia. Maybe if I would have been more consistent my eyesight would be better.


    This is a post on a eyesight improvement forum in which someone explains how he got back to 20/20. I can't say that it's real or geniuine. But the poster sounds legit to me. Form your own opinion.
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    hi bro i also want to remove my specs 2.75 each
    ny updates brother

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