Quarantine workout.

Discussion in 'NoFap Fitness' started by thegreatoutdoors, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. thegreatoutdoors

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    I have been really confused about exercise during quarantine. What are you guys doing to build muscle without equipment? I am too poor to buy weights. So it's a problem. It gets very expensive. Calisthenics dont feel like its enough. I'm really skinny. 5-7" and 110 pounds. I need weights to grow. I'm wondering if anyone came up with an idea or an alternative.

    All I have is a pull up bar, ab wheel, yoga mat and 2 - 15 pound dumb bells. I need heavier dumbells. But just cant really afford it.

    Thanks. I hope you are well and healthy and accomplishing your NoFap goal and fitness goals.
  2. Bodyweight exercises are your rescue. Download an equipment free workout app and follow it's plans! It's been effective for me so far, and I can see gains.
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  3. JéJee

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    If you have a pull up bar, you should be fine. I personnally never go go the gym and only do calisthenics and weighted calisthenics. Their are tons of progressions for any bodyweight exercise so with a bit of creativity you can keep your workouts challenging enough.
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  4. JV76

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    I agree pull up bar is an essential for at home body weight exercise. The 15s won’t cut it after a few weeks.
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  5. UnitedWeStand

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    One pull up bar for home costs like 10 bucks and you need nothing more. I've gained serious muscle and built a great body throught calisthenics that many would be jealous of. Ive gone from 110 lbs to 140 in 3 months
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  6. oryxcrstl

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    r/bodyweightfitness recomended routine is by far the best resource out there

    I use a tree branch for pull ups, 2 chairs and a broom for rows and the corner of a counter for a static hold.

    but remeber, if you cant do some exercise for some reason, some exercise >>>>>>> no exercise

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