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    So another member asked me to add him on facebook. I did but now he's asking for personal pictures. Given the sensitive content I've posted about myself on here I don't feel comfortable doing that, especially since I have several profile pics already that give a good enough impression of how I look. This guy is also not really responding to what I am saying, all he seems to care about is pictures. I am going to be blocking this guy since I've figured he could be a scammer (blackmailer).
    Not sure if I'm just being paranoid but can't be too careful online these days. Has anyone had any similar concerns? And if so how have you handled it?
    I'm guessing this is the right place/forum to express this concern, if not please feel free to move.

    Thank you
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    I'm not sure why you added him on Facebook in the first place. We generally have no idea who anybody is around here. I set up for myself red lines that I do not cross in terms of personal info.
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  3. Hm ... not really responding to what you‘re saying? Asking for personal pics?
    You are not being paranoid you are being attentive. He seems to go for his interest only and that you do not know what it is. Nor who he is.
    I tend to be gullible, still after I got blackmailed in my early acting out days, twice. Could solve it without paying or other consequences.
    But from what you say I would not give him pics nor other info about myself that would make it easy for him to track me.
    It seems he gives nothing but wants all of you.
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  4. Report him to the mods to look into.

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