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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Meursault, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. Meursault

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    So I went to a strip club last night with a buddy of mine because neither of us had gone before. It is a very low quality run down type of club. Lap dances are $25 per song and the private room is $50 (i believe for 15 min).

    TRIGGER! POTENTIAL TRIGGERS BELOW DO NOT READ! (Not sure if this warrants a trigger warning but figured I would put it just in case.

    The stripper that gave me a lap dance was a freak. She was grinding on me naked, kissing my penis through my pants, reached in and stroked me a bit, rubbed her vagina in front of me and made out with me. She wanted to go back to the private room with me. She asked if I brought a condom, (I didn't) and said that it's like an Asian massage parlor "You get more than just the massage." and "Everyone leaves with a smile on their face."

    My question is this: What is the likelihood that I would have gotten sex in the private room? I know that they sometimes give blowjobs at this place so based on how she acted I assume that I at least would have gotten that. My internet research has yielded conflicting results. Some say that sex at strip clubs is very rare while others say that it can be common at cheap places.

    Follow up question: How much should I expect to spend on either a blow job or sex at a cheap place like this?

    If anyone with experience in these sorts of things could weigh in, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you all and good luck in the struggle.
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  2. About what? No text follows
  3. Meursault

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    There should be a spoiler tab in there.
  4. Jackb97

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  5. Meursault

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    For which, bj or full service?
  6. Max Fisher

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    I would advise against either and recommend you do something different with your time and money. To answer your question probably $50 but it will cost you more then money in the long run.
  7. BestVersionToday

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    I had a fetish for looking into these things, yes, in American strip clubs you can get full sex, blow jobs and hand jobs, she basically offered you sex.

    Be careful though, use a condom because they will fuck you without one and that makes them dirtier than drug addicted street whores. If you get a hand job or blow job can you just let me know where you ejaculate? Im serious, I have to find out.

    Apparently Canada is even wilder.

    Prices will vary from club to club and girl to girl. Some clubs are strictly no contact.
  8. Meursault

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    So I broke down and purchased a blow job from a stripper. All in all it wasn't a bad experience though It would be more worth my money to just go in for sex.
  9. Wow. Really in Strip Clubs THATS what happens? Not illegal?
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  10. WackinWolf

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    I'm with Max Fischer on this one, you're paying for that kind of thing in a different way in the long run. I've never seen that here in Nevada, I'd imagine I'd be too nervous to go that far. I've only been to multiple clubs in one night and I think the most I paid for was $60 for a private dance and my god was I conflicted with that experience. On the one hand I got what I wanted yet on the other I had paid so much money to get to that point. I'm not super familiar with strip joints in NV and I'm almost tempted to just go to a brothel in order to get this beast out of my system, but I know it's not right. For me that is...
  11. OnceAfraidToMerge

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    I don't think it's healthy to view intimacy as a commodity to be bought and sold.

    Intimacy, to me, is a byproduct of the successful formation of a meaningful romantic relationship. Anything else is a pale imitation.

    In the same way the glow of a lightbulb is no substitute for natural sunlight, prostitutes are no substitute for real, loving intimacy. They are fake.
  12. Gotham Outlaw

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    I would advise against banging strippers. You could easily get addicted. Strip clubs are counter productive to a reboot. Sex it should be earned not bought.
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  13. 33ctf6m8pdpq

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    Could not have said it any better, my friend.
  14. I completely agree with this.

    When I was younger I spent so much money at strip clubs that I had nothing to show for it except a mountain of debt.

    Only one time did a stripper suggest “partying” with me after hours and basically conned me to buy us alcohol and her other “stuff”, for one the worst sexual encounters I have ever had.
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  15. Jason_Tesla_19

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    Going to a strip club is basically just P on steroids, more like VR P, because you're not actually connecting with them on a personal level. Prostitutes are like MO with a sex toy for the same reason, except you can get diseases and it's much more expensive! To think about it, casual sex isn't much more than MO, except for the disease and pregnancy risk. Without the personal connection in an actual relationship, you're just using someone as if they were a sex toy. If that's not objectifying, I don't know what is.
  16. I would think it counts as a relapse. Going to a strip club is like P. Having sex with a prostitute, wherever you find her, is like a form of M. But if you do your best to mitigate the risks, I think paying for sex can be "less bad" than bedding someone you've deceived, but don't really care about.
    Probably going to be controversial, I also think that virgins who are scared of women and don't know how to touch them can benefit in the long run from prostitutes. As a caveat, if medically based sexual surrogacy were/is available, I would take that back.
    I've met some amazing good people in strip clubs, but for me, that phase most certainly needs to be, and is, over. Strip clubs are sad, empty places, generally.
  17. Meursault

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    The only purpose of my being on this site is PIED. I wouldn't say I am addicted to P or M, at least not more so than any ordinary guy. My goal isn't to quit an addiction, manage depression, cure anxiety, or cultivate more meaningful relationships with people. My goal is simply to improve my ability to achieve and maintain erections.

    Because of this I have been focusing on getting aroused by and having sex with real women rather than getting aroused by P. As such, I have continued to have sex during my reboot when the opportunity is presented to me. If I were to P or M, then I would consider those to be relapses as they are a form of O through artificial means and thus contrary to my goal of curing PIED.

    It's true that having sex with a prostitute involves no emotion or intimacy, but as I said those aren't my objectives.
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  18. RevFlav100

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    This post.

    Although if you haven't had sex in a while, and don't masturbate before the next time, you may nut early.

    STAR DUST Fapstronaut

    Dont go find love first. If the woman you love wants to go then go together. Definitely look for a open sexually adventurous women to meet you level of sensual drive
  20. Meursault

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    Thanks bros. Good luck to you all on the path.

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