Question - Does Semen Retention help with finding your life purpose?

Discussion in 'Abstinence, Retention, and Sexual Transmutation' started by Nick:3, Apr 26, 2019.

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    So I feel like my life is meh, has ups and downs, and don't quite know my life purpose, my course bores me (in 2nd year of 3 year uni course which i'm thinking of leaving).

    So I was wondering, does SR help with finding your purpose?

    P.S. I've been doing nofap a while, and view SR as the next step up, been even considering not having sex and going full on hard mode
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  2. Pureplecity

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    ejaculation was created to create life. If you abuse it you will suffer. Look at people who have sex and or fap everyday. They look dead, their eyes are all darkened and they are undesirable to talk to, they are angry and have bad energy and they get frustrated so easily and always tired always complaining. When you abstain people love being around you and talking to you. You have clear skin, a glowing face and your happy and bursting with life and have a great aura that attracts everybody. I’ve had girls randomly come up and talk to me and even when next to me they stand as close as they can because they can feel my energy, that happens constantly. If you don’t believeme keep ejaculating but enjoy a crap life.
    In conclusion, yes do hard mode. It will completely change your life in every way. Don’t follow the way of the world, it just ends in misery and emptiness because they only seek pleasure and we know the end of that.
    Feel free to message me. Take care. :)
  3. I had no sex or masturbation for two years and you will feel the effects if you try it, but it's a big challenge to get there. You feel more energy and mental clarity. It also gives you a spiritual glow if done right. Bear in mind it's very easy to slip back into it and so hard to get out, I'm in a mess now..
  4. Infrasapiens

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    I cannot see the relation of both things. You find your purpose by experiencing something that clears everything for you, not by not ejaculating. I am the living example of it, more than 150 days of "Hard mode" and I still have no real reason to be alive.
  5. LabyrinthBC

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    I see this effect more often in people who smoke weed every day, or who smoke cigarettes...

    I'm not sure there's any mystical reason for this effect. I've had people do the same thing for most of my life, and can sometimes have complete strangers completely enamoured with me inside of a handful of minutes. I mean, I could just as easily connect it to decades of practicing witchcraft, or with being a kind, considerate, loving person, in general...
  6. Lol nofap has nothing to do with finding a life purpose. All you gotta do is be passionate about your dreams and meeting my dreams is my purpose in this life. There are some others too I will not talk here but nofap will not help you in this situation in any way.
  7. Pureplecity

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    I whole heartily believe that you will find your purpose in life when your doing semen retention. When you ejaculate and drain your energy constantly you are literally your worst version of yourself. You have brain fog how could you even begin to search for your life purpose? Follow the light in your heart, stay true to yourself and fly on the wings of love.
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    Maybe not directly but definitely indirectly.
    Remember alot of people spend hours and hours per day watching porn and masturbating. This fires their reward system.
    On NoFap, you no longer have these hours occupied. Also your reward system isn't triggering so much.
    So you need to start filling your time with new activities/ventures and also engage in other activities that trigger dopamine release.
    So ultimately, it gets you exploring new things and yes you can find your purpose.
  9. Thank you for opening this thread.
    I'm in day 3 and still finding answer about my life purpose.
    Will keep monitoring this thread :)
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    I know this post is from over a year ago, but man this is right on the money. I 100% agree with what you said. God put the function of ejaculation for one reason only. Society has normalized frequent sex and worse yet, pmo. It's sickening to see all these men stuck in toxic relationships because of their never-ending thirst for constant sex. NoFap is the first step but as men, we need to be on retention. To be the strongest we can be. To be the closest to God we can be. Especially during these times with the virus, you never know what's going to happen. We need more people with this mindset. I'm tired of coming on here to see guys doing NoFap just for ED issues, so they can turn back around and have more sex. Don't get me wrong, they're doing an awesome thing by riding of pmo addiction- that comes first. But I feel their reasons for doing it don't align with how I see things. Just my opinion here. It was just refreshing to see a post like this.
  11. l'm The Chosen One

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    I'm sorry that this man was banned.I hope he's still with us, even if with another account.
  12. l'm The Chosen One

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    It definitely helps you to find life purpose.Even a few weeks after you quit, you will feel the strength to make your life better.When I quit I felt the power to restore my social life.I went to movies , hung out in cafes.Even if I'm alone.Then I felt a natural urge to improve myself in other areas.I'm still not where I want it, but I'm definetly better than when I started.
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