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  1. Lmao this thread made me laugh so hard, so thank you for that. I’ve rarely ever had to worry about my junk dipping into the water
  2. Or you could just wear a condom too
  3. Listening to you addled lunatics harp on is making me wish my father had worn one.
  4. Why don't you do NoPoo along with NoFap? It really helps avoid the shame and guilt of going to the bathroom. Plus the messiness that comes with it?
  5. Maybe I should use the energy boost from NoFap to get qualified as a plumber, and come over to America as a kind of messianic figure to sort the bogs out.
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  6. +1 Super Mario Bros
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  7. I haven't been to America yet, but maybe the issue can be ameliorated by laying down a bog roll "fireman's blanket" in the water first.
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  8. We already have a plumber thank you very much. His name is Donald Trump, and he is well qualified.
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    Thank heaven I am English. ;) This is another reason not to go to America! o_O
  10. Always.
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    I just checked both toilets in my (American) house. About 5 inches (12.5cm) from seat height to max water level. Displacement only raises water level maybe half an inch (1-2cm) before it starts draining.
  12. Do you realise how appalling that is?
  13. TwelveFoot

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    Apparently not. But, how low do you guys hang that touching the water is an issue? Or are you falling through the seat? I honestly don't understand.
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    I’ve never traveled before so I just assumed all toilets were like this but apparently not lol.

    Your absolutely right about water sometimes splashing back on your business and yes it’s discusting but I never questioned it because I always just thought that’s how things are. Sometimes I take a shower after, if I have time that helps I guess.
  15. Splashback can happen with the British toilets as well, so just put a bit of paper down first.

    Some European-style toilets eliminate this problem in a slightly strange way. The water is further back so things tend to land on ceramic instead of water. Hmm. I heard of the real reason for this but it's a bit weird.
  16. ...what's that?
  17. I imagine if more Americans knew what they could be having, there would be violent uprisings.
  18. According to google the average US flaccid penis is about 3.5 inches. Consider:

    A. That gives only 1.5 inches clearance for the average- fuck all, gross. And that's according to your somewhat generous estimate and all.

    B. What a huge amount of people, in a population that size, will be above average.

    A grim situation for your people.
  19. If you want to examine your
    for medical reasons.

    Well, you did ask lol
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  20. I don't know how you're put together, but my dick is located just below my pelvic bone on the front of my body, which means when I sit on the toilet, my ass would be the first thing to touch the water. What you're saying would make more sense if your dick and balls were growing out of your ass.
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