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    I'm not "cherry picking" based on what I like or don't like. I have an understanding of context. There's a huge difference.

    I'm not going to argue with you about this anymore. I'm not "cherry picking" things, I'm speaking truth based on knowledge of context. That's not even close to being the same thing, and I don't appreciate your judgemental attitude. You don't know a thing about me, so don't presume to have me pegged based on one thing you disagree with.

    Edit: I see now that you aren't a believer, so I'm definitely not going to argue with you about something you know very little about. I've taken multiple college level courses on studying the context and culture and meaning of the old testament, so I think I know a bit more about it than you. You should do some more learning before you come in swinging with claims that make no sense.
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    I should ask , dear latebloomer: do you exist ?
    Are you sure?
    To me, Your words appear to be vague misleading and immoral; since the alternative (no God) you suggest is theoretically and literally impossible.

    I gave specific rulers who have documented Gods handiwork, I didn’t even mention pharaoh and hundreds of buried chariots that have been excavated using deep sea floor excavation in the Red Sea that point to Gods protection of a defenseless ex-slave race.

    I shared with you the a covenant declared between Nebuchadnezzar (who was a king and self-declared atheist ) and God is—-still preserved in the museum of iniquities in London, and the famous blue gate of ancient Babylon where saddam Hussein was inspired to replicate the hanging gardens...that describe the discussion between his son (Belshazzar the cylinder of Cyrus and you retort that it doesn’t ? What??

    I reminded you of Cyrus the great confirmed the prophecies of Daniel, I could quote several of them to show you how God manifested himself... so you have some grasp of world history I hope ? Huh?

    If not, then based on your inability to reason, I’m of the opinion that you don’t exist, you are most likely a bot.

    bots can sound just like humans... they express an idea but can’t converse: for example “congratulations you won a cruise!” or “ we have a new credit card for you!”.

    Oftentimes after speaking with bots I realize they don’t really have any way to understand the counter-points because they are simply programmed one way, and they are on a script, like a call-center.

    Have a nice day.
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    He wants us to choose to obey Him, because that's what's best for us and it pleases Him. There is no coercion.
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    You are pointing out what you perceive to be evidence for a case concerning theology and I am responding to that perception with more evidence; I've stated my argument fairly, so where are the excuses? You have yet to expressly address my explanation.

    In addition, I take every responsibility in the self-acknowledgement of my wretchedness as a dying sinner, but it's not me who gets to decide how I respond to that acknowledgement -- only God dictates those precepts and that is what the Bible is for. The Bible is responsible for itself, but that is why man must be diligent in seeking the truth in its pages.

    It's not perspective per se, it's discourse and dialectic. History and tradition has taught us that yes, human beings can draw subjective readings of any text, yet if a text has a clearly construed foundation of precepts -- expanded upon by an inspired narrative, and attributive of sound thematic extrapolations -- then there will be an entirely objective avenue by which concrete interpretations and analyses may be extracted, and that is everything the Bible offers. That is why I subscribe to the theological concept of sola scriptura, which avows that understanding of Biblical knowledge and teachings comes from a strict comparison of Scripture so as to find truth in the internally revelatory words of the Bible itself (I don't depend on counsels or magisterial powers for truth in the Word, such as do the Catholics).

    Every Christian agrees that Christ came for the sins of the wretched, that he was the Son of God manifested as a man to bring a prophetic eye-witness of God's law and teachings to mankind, and that by repentance and acceptance of Christ's teachings mankind is offered God's eternal love through salvation in this world, and everlasting life after death. Christians believe this or they are not Christians.

    You have some condemnations to bear on Scripture, but are you positive you are seeking the Truth written in its pages? You should approach the Bible without prejudice if you are serious about the objectivity of its Witness and Gospel. If you do this, you will learn that it is by Faith we are healed, renewed, restored, made clean and brought to salvation -- but it is by Biblical Truth that we find our faith. The reliability lies in the concomitant regeneration and reinvigoration of those who are righteous to strive toward salvation.
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    That means absolutely nothing. So what if you've wasted so much time studying fairy tales?
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    Haha!! No God is impossible? No God is the default position. You're the one making the claim that a God exists. Therefore you have the burden of proof, not me.
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    I am simply pointing out what is clearly written in your book. Yet you guys want to spin it around, then say I dont have enough knowledge or that im programmed to think a certain way. Indoctrination at its finest
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    Dear bot,

    Prove you exist.
    We all saw the spam threads that were here for days before being deleted by the admin.

    If you are a box of repeating cliches and catch phrases , how do you prove your humanity?

    First prove you are human then I will prove God’s existence. Id like to confirm before you are deleted by the admin you don’t believe exists.
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    A: I disagree with your hidden premise, its Not clearly written and thats not what it says
    B: You haven't pointed out anything about the scripture, other then making a few ignorant and idiotic assertions about it. At least show us what verses you are talking about if you want to argue about what it means

    You come in here viciously asserting falsities about the bible and you expect us not to try to correct you?
    There is plenty of proof (not, obviously, in any definite way). If you want it I can attempt...

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