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  1. Is it helpful report spam, or is it just more of an annoyance for guys? I always think about reporting it, but im not sure.
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  2. Beamer

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    Hey buddy,
    The moderator assistants are able and expected to remove spam, so you can always report it to one of them.

    Moderators can do this too ofcourse, but they do a lot of things we can't do that are of high importance for the site running smoothly :)

    Feel free to report, we as MA's try to clean spam all the time (each in his "time zone" i guess) , but it's always possible you encounter some ofcourse.
    Thank you for being aware of this disturbing threads and taking the time to ask about it's removal ! :)

    Enjoy your weekend ! :)
  3. Thanks for the detailed reply. You guys do an awesome job cleaning spam, thats one of the reasons i wondered if i should even bother reporting it because it always gets deleted so quickly.
  4. Beamer

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    Thank you for your kind words my friend :) You're very welcome ! :)
  5. sparkywantsnoPMO

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    It is absolutely beneficial for you to report spam. It makes it easy for us to target. Unfortunately, when we delete spam, it automatically resolves the report, so we don’t get a chance to thank you, but it is most appreciated!
  6. Okay thanks. Im not looking for any thank yous, i just wanna report it if it helps. I will do from now on.
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  7. Perhaps I have misunderstood your meaning. :confused:

    Are you saying that when we use the report feature, this is not seen by the moderator assistants?

    Do you mean that we would have to send a personal message to whomever of the assistants was online at the time?
  8. Beamer

    Beamer Distinguished Fapstronaut

    @IGY: Good morning :),

    The "report" function on the pages here is only seen by the moderators yes.
    But if you message one of the moderator assistants, they can remove it too.

    I should have said "messaged" instead of "report" regarding moderator assistants ability to clean spam. I'm sorry if that confused you.
    Have a good Sunday Sir ! :)
  9. Good morning friend. :)

    This is now crystal clear, thank you. However, as your fellow community members, we don't know who the moderator assistants are! Nor can we find out as there is not a list posted anywhere. Although I know a couple off the top of my head, I cannot be sure if they are even online as the list of the online members is not complete most of the time. Hmm. :/

    @Alexander, can this dilemma be rectified ASAP? We need to know who the moderator assistants are and when they are online. Either, this needs to happen so we can contact them about spam, or they see the reports like the moderators. :)

    Enjoy the sunny Sunday scorcher across the water @Beamer, lol. :D
  10. sparkywantsnoPMO

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    Moderator Assistants are not listed as staff members (even though they are staff members) because we want to limit resolving issues members might have to the moderation team. If moderator assistants were listed as staff, members would contact them with their issues, and that is beyond the scope of their responsibilities. Moderator assistants are just here to clean up spam, approve avatar and name changes, organize the forum and assist the moderation team in identifying potential violations of the rules.

    It is appropriate to continue to make reports in the usual manner. A moderator will resolve the issue when possible.
  11. Cool, thanks. :)
  12. How can they do this if they never receive our notifications about spam? :confused: This is a major flaw in the current system! :(
  13. Roady

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    I don't see a problem here.
    Whenever i see a spam mail (easy enough) I just press the report button, fill in "spam" into the field.
    Most of the time within minutes the thread is deleted.
    More, sometimes I scroll through the list of threads, opening all spam threads into a new tab.
    Sometimes when I want to treat a tab to report that thread, the thread is already deleted, even before I could report it :)
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