Question for SOs: is it important who we are giving up for?

Discussion in 'Rebooting in a Relationship' started by kropo82, Feb 5, 2018.

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    I would have to agree with the SOS becoming the catalyst for change. It can be the wake up call, the perspective we finally listen to, or can be rock bottom, the DDay, the ultimatum. The reasons for quitting and stay clean should be vast and all encompassing. The more reasons the better. Then it can’t be just wisked away by a fleeting P brained addiction thought of using again.
    Your wife is upset about your disclosure? How about you don’t use again so you don’t make those same bad choices.
    Work has you all stressed out, don’t use again so you can maintain clarity of thought and really solve that problem bugging you or just stay focused instead of living in a brain fog.
    Just want to feel better about yourself? continue that NoFap streak, and really show that you are better than the addiction, don’t let it define you.
    The point is you should have and find more reasons to not use PMO than pixels on a screen. Every single one of those images or videos you can put on that screen can never measure up to the real person you are, the family you have with you, those you choose love, and the work and dedication we bring to living a life of achieving our dreams rather than wallowing in a cycle of selfish self soothing self loathing self gratification brought on by PA.
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  2. This is an fairly old thread, but it's really put my mind at ease, thanks for starting it @kropo82.

    My personal attitude is this...
    I found this discussion very helpful in sorting out some of my feelings, so thank you all for your insights.
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