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    **why 90 days or 180 days specfically ?!**
    that question is being asked by a lot of people here and outside that forum
    the answer: 1-we are all here addicts for sure if ur not addicted u will not join that forum
    2-we are not the same.. some of us is a heavy addicted person and the others is not heavy addicted person
    3- u will have to pay for ur porn consumption over the years so if u was watching porn for 10+ years dont expect to heal in a very short time and gain control overurself
    ******** dont freak out bro **************
    4- u can make ur healing more faster by: ur daily activities and ur habits and ur new life regime
    5- dont expect that just by counting days u will recover and by sitting ur ass infront of ur videogames all day long and expect ur life will change thats bullshit bro
    6- do little things daily and everyday untill u build that positive things as a habit
  2. 3 and 4^
    I think it's more important to note that quitting PMO is not going be such ease if youre a porn addict for 10 years.
    I am looking for more daily activities to do but the problem is due to covid I am limited to a few activities. I would like to know a few suggestions about what your daily physical activities are. Thank You. :)
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    its same for me that shitty situation we are all in but it will get its time and well go away for sure
    during that
    -treat urself as alchoholic person so alcholics dont go to bar and say they want to quit ( u get what i mean)
    so ur a porn addicted and ur house is like a bar so remove any triggers and ur electronics for a while trust me thats helped mee affff
    -try to develop good habits like reading about ur addiction daily (to know ur enemy well )
    -watch movies (safe ones on tv )
    -workout at least for 30 mins even if u dont have motivation forceurself after u finish ur session u will thank urself and get a shower and put colone and u will be happierr
    -develop good eat and healthy habits and more water
    -write jorunals and type in it everything u pass through ur day in any font
    -stay and engage with ur family more and forceurself to do that
    -i think studying and that didnt work for me cuz im not a lover for studying so if u love to study go for it
    -read more about ur religion and get deeper in it cuz the only one that will get u out of that is god
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