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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by IamAddict, Feb 14, 2014.

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    I am on my day 3 of no PMO and things are ok.
    Before starting this challenge i read a lot about porn addiction and its effect on brain & dopamine etc.
    My new problem goes here, Although being a PMO addict I feel i am "Thinking addict" too.I talk to others only when needed, rest of the time i am just self-talking/thinking(its kind of dreaming with open eyes and think about my own issues of daily life every time). Thus i feel its a kind of addiction and i stop only after i concluded my thought to some point(it may take 6-8 hour).Does this means my brain still getting dopamine from this addictive thinking???

    I am firm on my decision of no PMO, but if my brain still getting dopamine by this addictive thinking,how its going to affect my reboot???

    Also after starting no PMO challenge i am having so much time, which i want to devote to achieve my life's goal, but due to excessive thoughts i am unable to focus on positive things to proceed.

    All suggestion/advice are very helpful.
  2. suyash_4376

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    Dude i am almost at the same stage as you so i think i kind of understand. I was also thinking the same way on my day 2. Coming in contact with nofap makes us think of our other habits. WHile some of these may be addictions rest may be normal. Let me explain. I watched anime, had headphones in my ears all day and watched porn. After my 2nd day i realised that watching anime and headphones are also an addiction and on day 3 i know i am clear of them all.

    The trick is not to think about pmo, nofap etc. and do other things. Doing this really improves your focus on other work at which you have not been perfect. I did not think about nofap or pmo this whole day and it has been my most awesome day.

    To sum up, make a routine, follow it and do not think about pmo, nofap etc. You feel a change in yourself. Beware of getting addicted to networking(facebook,whatsapp) as they also reduce concentration. Hope this helps....
  3. Tobias

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    hey guys, i felt the same way when I started, thinking many things I do is an addiction and started to stop doing other bad habits. It's challenging enough to just do no PMO and like suyash says, concentrate on noFap and don't get too hung up other things think might be an addiction until you have this under control.

    In my first week I spend a lot of time reading this forum all throughout the day, this makes me think about fapping even more so I now try to limit myself to a couple of times a day.

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