1. Bluecamarotrubomusclebeast

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    I relapsed today, but I barely touched myself. I just got turned on with my thoughts while taking a shower. I only jerked a little, but I relapsed. It didn;t drain my energy or motivation, just made me relaxed. The semen did come out. I am 14 and I 'v only had one wet dream in my life. My question is this: How long until I have a wet dream. Can you figure out when Or is it just spontaneous?
  2. pranav02

    pranav02 Fapstronaut

    I'd say don't worry about the wet dreams, I started two years ago at 15 and had the same doubts but as you go on longer streaks, it happens automatically. Mine occured on the 28th day in my first streak I guess. KEep practicing the good habits you're trying to like exrecise and meditation and especially NoFap and don't worry about the WDs, once they happen pretty often, over a period of time, you'll realize you don't want them to happen at all.
  3. There are two kinds of wet dreams: sober wet dream and unconscious wet dream.

    Sober wet dream: you have a clear vision of sex or whatever that you ejaculated

    Unconscious wet dream: you don't even remember or dream of sex, but still ejaculated(without the feeling high)

    My own opinion is that a sober wet dream is a relapse, because you still crave PMO and decide to cheat yourself by having a wet dream.

    for your question, it depends. Someone would never have a wet dream because they don't want PMO or any kinds of the sexual stuff. Personally for me, it has been 1 month for me and I have never had any wet dream or whatsoever (maybe I did not notice)

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