Question regarding desensitization and feeling attraction to girls

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    Im on day 31 of hardmode nofap. After fighting through a 2-week long flatline for the last 4-5 days my sex drive/libido has been pretty high, wet dreams, strong fantasies and a motivation to find and talk to real girls. I wasn't interested at all in looking at porn, more so the idea of having a relationship with real girls, something i havent felt in a while. I was having erections at the slightest thought of girls i like. In this time i felt really happy, confident and motivated (got a lot of work done, sex transmutation) overall. My libido has calmed down a lot though today along with the confidence. I was a really bad porn addict for a long while and my tastes started to morph cause regular porn didnt get me off anymore, I feel i fucked up my brain badly without realising, I haven't had a crush on a real girl in so long but so far I feel like the damage is being reversed. I have a few questions

    • My libido kinda dropped today and I dont feel that natural horniness I felt in the last few days. Is this fluctuation of sex drive a result of nofap rewiring and healing my brain?
    • Secondly after I'm fully recovered and my brain chemistry is back to normal (90-150 days complete abstaining from anything artificially sexual), will the desensitization to real girls be undone and will i have the motivation to go through the effort with real girls.
  2. 1. Ebb and flow. It isn’t so much because of rewiring as it is your bodies hormonal system naturally fluctuating. Peaks and valleys in testosterone for example. You got through the tough part, a peak, be prepared to be tested again in 7-12 days time.
    2. Good news first. Desensitized nature will be greatly lessened when you hit 90+days. You will absolutely have the magnetism and ability to view women without the creep eye and see them as the people they are. The bad news is if you were deeply addicted to porn for years and years 90 days is kind of like the first milestone of a marathon. I know it’s not what you want to hear, it’s not what I wanted to hear when I was your age starting this journey about 6 years ago but it’s the truth. If I would have taken it more seriously and cleaned up my other bad habits at the same time as doing NoFap I probably could have taken years off of my recovery time. Make no mistake about it I’ve gone multiple 90+ day streaks and fallen back into it again and again. 90 days is not the magic cure number, it’s like the initiation into finally doing some real healing. After that treat every day as day 1. Forget streaks and focus solely on the day at hand. All the best
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