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  1. I want to ask you something. Is a man should care much about seeking for a woman? Why? Because i thought i was try very hard to get all womans approval such as join this nofap to get the benefits of attractiveness like some success story that i had read.
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    You should try and work on yourself first. Make the best version of yourself and do your best on school or job. The woman will come automatically. And use NoFap to better yourself, not for a few females.
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    The best advice anybody can give you is saying you should first focus on you and your life.
    What most people in society nowadays do is first look for a partner even though they aren't even ready for it or broken into different pieces.
    Find or create urself, learn to love yourself first and of course put the focus on your life instead of searching for a person and then giving them the task to fill the gap inside of you.
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