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  1. Black_Knight 1998

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    Hi, guys
    I'm on the 40th or 41th day ,
    I wanna know somethings

    1/ within the last period I was freaked out of anything as long as it's related to sex and when I say this seance won't affect on me and I won't skip it or I skip because freaking out as child I say what heck with me it will never affect on me and rewatche it (it happened 2 times) after finishing of the movie I feel sad especially If I discovered that there's precum in my clothes after the movie.

    2/when I had a wet dream , I felt so sad and this feeling persist for about 2 or 3 hours after waking up and confessing myself it's normal

    3/some times I feel motivated and have power to do many things and in the same time after few minutes I feel shit

    4/ I feel so lonely

    5/ sometimes I feel I want to watch porn if I watch a hot picture (accidentally) but I skip it or continue scrolling as I did not see anything

    6/ I feel I hate porn although sometimes I feel I want to watch it,but I don't act on my desire

    7/ I have a degree of ocd and it varies from time to time cause of nofap

    8/ I'm so anxious about my progress of nofap

    If anyone can tell me why all of these feeling, I'll be thankful for helping

    Should I don't think about these feeling and continue my life and act easily with everything ?

    Again thanks for everyone helped me to reach the 40 days, after I thought I will never be able to do it
  2. Man.Leader

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    All of these are progress to be success on nofap brother.
    If we looking for what make you feel that, the answer is dopamine in our brain. Dopamine forces us to repeat PMO.
    Be patient and keep fight !
    Also, I need you to support me.;)
  3. Black_Knight 1998

    Black_Knight 1998 Fapstronaut

    Thanks bro
    All I can say for you to be able to abstain from that is asking the god to help you
    2- when you want to watch Porn just watch things you enjoy
    3-remember yourself of cause of abstain
    4-When you feel strong urge try to reduce moves of your body and fix yourself in a comfortable position and don't rub your legs together all of this during watching things you like
    5-Things you like to watch must have less things related to sex or don't have at all especially at the first 15 days, because these days are the hardest days of all nofap and everyday in theses day you may think about relapse and how good is relapse or it will be the last time , but don't listen to your self
    5- when you feel that you are in problem come here and make a post

    Wish you and me strong will

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