Questions for the ones that escalated to gay/trans stuff ***trigger warning ! ***

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Which "person" were you imagining to be?

  1. The passive man

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  2. The active man

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  1. DerSchütze

    DerSchütze Fapstronaut

    It sickens me to think of the shit kids have access to, what a world we live in.
  2. porsche4life

    porsche4life Fapstronaut

    Bist du aus Deutschland? Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch. Ich lerne Deutsch im meine Schule. Mein Deutsch ist sehr schlecht.
  3. Yeah I hear you. Now that I think about it, I seem to remember all my friends talking about porn in school.
  4. DerSchütze

    DerSchütze Fapstronaut

    Same, unfortunately.
    Nein, ich bin aus amerika, mein Deutsch ist nicht gut lol
  5. porsche4life

    porsche4life Fapstronaut

    Lmao same here, but because of your name I thought maybe. My high school teacher wasn't very good lol.
  6. Exactly ,it's a man, they sound like a man , smell like a man and are through and through a fucking man . Trying to trick straight guys into fucking them. guys who have , where tricked , return that tranny back to a male , I doubt those guys could have at all, it's a trick of the mind and visuals some delve into it as a fetish . Fuck that Im out . There's a lot of elements involved as to why u find some of it a fetish it's all femine related ,and mind warping from heavy porn addiction, I'm not turned on by being submissive, especially not to this .
    so it's literally only my cock and that's busting a nut on there feminine faces , in fantasy .
    And only visually through porn , I've seen trans men in real life not by purpose, and man I'm not attracted to this . Porn is a set up .
    U see tits, femine body. And a cock, which is what u see in regular porn
    , it becomes Abit warped when your porn addiction to regular porn has made it much less stimulating so strangely enough if you don't abstain for a while your brain begins to see novelty in this other very similar scenario .your not gay, it's a trick , had that individual been all masculine male you would not be interested . So it's strangely understandable how this porn genre seems to be so popular , there are multiple possible views on why , but has anyone thought of it being caused by porn addiction and escalation , when porn is abstained this goes away to the point of repulsion , unless that's your thing. But heavy porn use needs to be checked, were heavily overstimulated as a society today by the internet in general , and we know how that has caused some problems, people don't know how to be happy and can live fake lives online, overstimulation with porn is the same it down regulates your dopamine and continuous use can make sexual interest much lower because you've viewed 1000s 100s of 1000s of every possibility shape, kink etc within "normal" and it stops becoming exciting , erectile dysfunction etc were talking years decades of use , millions of images, and when you watch it heavily for a period it can cause dysfunction and less interest arousal . I think this is where this fetish comes in , it's next new thing as close to what we see in regular porn , were very visual and we've been tricked to finding this stimulating . Again had this been a dude completely ,nah you'd have stayed clear , it's NoFap for me no matter how novel . I remember when I first heard of this, a bouncer at a place of previous employment, married , kids , went out on a date with a tranny and let him/her blow him, he came into work and joked about it , not a fuck was given , it's more common than you think, it's a trap , don't follow it up unless you want to be one of these dudes who becomes desentised to this or seeks it out then yes as you said your gay, even though yea youve been tricked . As much as they look like women, and we have dominance over them, in social standing , they are fucking guys . Don't fall into the habit where some have gone way down the rabbit hole , I'm done , NoFap long-term only ever going to be used for regular , and once every so often
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  7. Demodectic

    Demodectic Fapstronaut

    Like I told someone in another careful not to obtain bra or panties and then to put them on while jerking. Because that is the first step and next step guys be putting on makeup and a dress at home and a wig. And after that they might get drunk and decide to go to a gay bar/nightclub dressed up like that.

    So you see how fast the line of fantasy can cross into real-life. So I would avoid that first step on obtaining lingerie even for sniffing it. And also avoid sticking a finger in your own bunghole because as we see this is very extreme behavior and leads to bad outcomes.
  8. porsche4life

    porsche4life Fapstronaut

    Eventually more people will become aware of this problem and then porn will become more controlled like tobacco. It will take some time since this is a shameful fetish and a lot of people like us escalated to this genre or even worse like sissy or even child.
  9. Porn will go away when video recording goes away.
  10. porsche4life

    porsche4life Fapstronaut

    I said there will be limitations on porn, I never said it will go away completely.
  11. Passive. In fantasy, in watching porn, and in real life. Always. I have never ever EVER been “active” with a guy (it’s always been w guys, never a girl ever). Guys have ALWAYS been the active player with me. It’s my preference.
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  12. newuseroctober

    newuseroctober Fapstronaut

    Just for the record, majority of men looking at trans porn are straight men with a fetish, gay guys usually like porn with masculine men, The men that have trans fetishes are usually very disrespectful to the trans people they fetishize
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  13. That seems to be the case. A lot of trans people you ask will say that they don't get hit on by gay guys, and that they've had very little success at gay bars/clubs.

    That is certainly not the case for me. I try to respect everyone, no matter how they identify themselves.
  14. Legit.
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  15. Category #2 man :emoji_kiss:
  16. Nil1991

    Nil1991 Fapstronaut

    I got hit by both and yes.. I noticed some difference between their behavior. For example, the """"straight""" ones never kissed me.

    Maybe this porn induced thing really exist or they are just frustrated married guys that had to got an wife for social status. I noticed that some of these guys that come look for me, doesn't seems very happy, they are more like robots that was trapped because of society.
  17. csparbs91

    csparbs91 Fapstronaut

    there are so many things I agree with you on, but as a gay man I can tell you that taking it up the ass by a “shemale” isn’t gay. Gay men have no interest in getting it from someone who wants to be a woman. It takes the gay out of it. If I’m being honest, the trans fetishized shit is a way for men to get stimulation from the rear and still do it with a woman.
    also just because someone wants to have sex with a transgendered woman does not mean he craves the cock. mite like when I read your comment I’m just agreeing agreeing agreeing and then all of a sudden you say something so out in left field.

    no one knows how these things affect us in the long term, we still have no evidence. There is no reason for you to bring this up for this topic. If someone says one thing CAN effect another, it doesn’t mean it DOES effect it. Not to mention you attached a fucking article from 2005. What year is it? Find real studies when you make a claim on biology. Be smarter than the dumbasses that believe everything they read.

    why do I feel like you just made him look ridiculous?
    I’m not a fan of these multiple genders either, but it’s possible. How many genders are there for Garden snails, parrot fish, clown fish, even plants, or what about spotted hyenas where both female and males have tested and a penis or female lions that develop manes and masculine behavior? I mean if anything as people of science we have to be able to be as objective as possible.

    I also urge you to look at the last comment I said to the other guy. You know that gender bending in whatever way is more common to forms of life? You can’t disagree with something you cannot disprove. If science has not disproved beyond a doubt that something g doesn’t exist, then you can’t just disagree with it. That’s like being told the definition of gravity and you just saying no, I don’t agree with that.....

    oh no, you just upset a lot of fragile egos here. Lol but everyone will probably think they are smart enough to deny or think they can disprove that. Lol

    before you present a scientific paper to the class, make sure it’s more recent than 1995 or 1996 whatever it was. That information is irrelevant.
    I just knew you would comment on that comment. Thank you for proving me right. I just disregarded it right away because I have no idea what book it’s from or how it was interpreted by the reporter. Also we don’t know what was studied, who were studied etc etc etc. I know the frame of thought that you have been taught being in physics, but you’ll be upset to learn that the studies in psychology are in fact science within their own rights.

    In our world today, society will not allow for a man to randomly pound as many females as he wants without consequences. If you are a well adjusted person, you ask for the woman’s consent and they are usually very picky. What he’s saying is that in today’s world. A man cannot sex multiple woman, because in the proximity there aren’t going to be enough females to be willingly participate. He’s saying that woman, because they get to choose, have the potential of having every man in their vicinity over for a quickly because men are more willing to have sex. Get it?

    you are by far the least objective human in the world. Tell me again why you got into the science field? Are you just super fucking old and that’s why you have these stupid views you have to explain. Think about where this all started. What was brought up to begin with and now your talking about children and hormones and this stupid shit. If everything is just one big experiment, you should be excited to see the results. I know I am. Lol

    isn’t it great that we have self control and if we are well adjusted people we can have an opinion and keep it to ourselves?
    It’s funny because I have a lot of super controversial ideas about the world, but just to keep the peace, I don’t share those with just anyone. When you’re matured, it really becomes a handy tactic. Js
    Hell yeah your German sucks, it sounds like you got that from google translate. Js

    Oh it was the teacher.....from high school. Hm

    what fucking world do you live in? Do you think this is where trannies come from. Lol. Woooooow.
    there will never be limitations on porn. It’s just like alcohol, it will remain normal to everyone who can use it normally. There are however the people who can’t do these things normally. It’s a process addiction. If you want to get to the bottom of your porn problem, start learning about process addictions and what you can do to help yourself.

    it’s evident here that the men with the fetishes of trans woman have the biggest problem with them. It’s been impossible to get anything constructive from this feed. What if someone actually came here for support and saw this massacre of insecure men who are trying to rationalize why they feel the way they do about other people’s business when they should be finding out why they want to look at woman with penises and fantasize about getting drilled.

    Yeah I’m really disappointed that none of you people were actually man enough to be able to have a conversation and give advice to each other as to what to do to move up from here. I’m going to restart this in a different way with maybe a different age range? Idk it’s just like listening to a bunch of poor little men squabbling about who knows more or who is better or how terrible trannies are. Lol
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  18. porsche4life

    porsche4life Fapstronaut

    Holy crap wtf was that. So many responses wow! Never seen anything like it.
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  19. Mic drop!
    ....outta here!
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  20. John Eses

    John Eses Fapstronaut

    There's a lot of themes in this thread. I thought I'd add some disjointed thoughts, which may help people better understand where this weird surge in trans fetish has come from. I think it's overly simplistic to think that this fetish has one cause. I think it's a lot of different things, some coincidental and innocent, some perhaps more sinister, that have come together to see this huge increase in trans women and men who are interested in trans women and/or want to become women.

    1. The Internet has allowed anyone with any fetish to suddenly have access to other people who have a similar fetish. And those people coalesce into a group. Even if that group is small in percentage of population terms, to our eyes as observers they seem to be large. For example, even if only 0.01% of people in the world are interested in trans, that would still be 600,000 people. A group of 600,000 people can seem huge and would have huge reach on the internet. I'm not sure how many people frequent this forum, but I bet it wouldn't be 600,000 people. So we are fooled into thinking something is more popular than it is. We are all swayed by what is popular and what isn't.

    2. Women are now much more independent and many are actively bombarded with propoganda that they don't need men, men are bastards, they are brave for having kids outside of a relationship, etc. This means that, as a man, it's hard to find a woman, but even harder to find a good woman that isn't entitled and selfish. This means men who aren't in the top 20-30% of men (however you classify it) are having trouble finding healthy, fulfilling relationships.

    3. Tied to reason 2, men find refuge in porn. But even in porn, it's not just about sex, part of the fantasy is also somebody wanting you or needing you. And if men can't find women who want them, they will turn to others. Trans women are generally portrayed as nymphomaniacs, willing to please, and have all the sexual cues and superficial looks of women. So they are really a man's brain in a woman's body. The fact they have a penis is also not a deal breaker, because men are practical and know their way around a penis. So it's easy to imagine getting a tranny off, because you know what to do.

    4.Flipping from being top to being bottom is not about turning gay, it's a perverse logic that makes you the centre of attention while being passive. If you are the man, you're expected to perform. That creates performance anxiety. If you're the woman, you just have to lie back and take it. It's a subconscious way of relieving the anxiety that comes from having to perform.

    There's lot more I can write and I will eventually, but this should get us started :)

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